Announcement Of Board Chairman Position at Amref Health Africa

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Announcement Of Board Chairman Position 




The Board of Directors of Amref Health Africa in Tanzania is in the process of appointing the next Chairperson of the Board. This person will guide the Board in its governance role, as the organization continues to develop and grow in a rapidly changing development sector. Amref Health Africa in Tanzania vision is for lasting health change in Africa and its mission is to increase sustainable health access to communities in Africa through solutions in human resources for health, health services delivery and investments in health. It believes in the inherent power within the communities that the power for lasting transformation of Africa’s health lies within its communities. Amref Health Africa in Tanzania is governed by a Board of Directors (the Board”) comprising of members from a wide range of backgrounds, bringing a great wealth of wisdom, insight and experience to the organization.

Main Responsibilities & Reporting Relationship:


  • The Chair reports to the Annual General Meeting and is charged with the responsibility of leading Board.
  • The Board should function in partnership with, but independently of, management so as to:
  • Facilitate the achievement of the goals of the Organization including sustainable growth and leveraging from the opportunities available, with advocacy, fundraising and representation Country Director;
  • Provide appropriate oversight of management;
  • Foster and support ethical and responsible decision making.


Specific Responsibilities and Authority:

The specific responsibilities and authority of the Chair include (but are not limited to):


  • Managing the Board and chairing meetings of the Board of Directors and Annual General Meetings
  • Setting the tone and culture for effective and transparent dialogue and decision making at the Board;
  • In consultation with the Country Director, setting the Board meeting schedules, work plans and agendas of each meeting and for the quality of the information sent to or presented to the Board;
  • Meeting and communicating regularly or as needed with all members of the Board and providing feedback and input to all committees as appropriate through the committee chairs;
  • Attending committee meetings where appropriate;
  • Consulting both collectively and individually with all members of the Board, when necessary, to maximize the contribution of individual directors and performance of the Board and each of its committees as a whole;
  • In consultation review and assess the performance of the Country Director;
  • In consultation with the Chairpersons of various Board committees facilitating the appointment of members and chairs of the Board committees as well as the processing Board development in skills, composition, recruitment, orientation and assessment of the Board members and the Board as a whole;
  • On matters pertaining to corporate governance, meeting and communicating regularly with the Country Director; and verifying that the Board and its committees have appropriate administrative support with ready access to all senior executives and/or external legal, accounting or other advisers;
  • Establishing effective processes for and addressing enquiries, complaints, or any significant concerns of Board members on Board matters.


Qualifications and Experience:



  • General understanding of the work of Amref Health Africa in Tanzania
  • Previous experience as a chair of a Board in any other organization; either in commercial or nonprofit organization
  • Understanding of the legal duties and responsibilities and the role of the Chair
  • Track record of interacting with governments, donors, the corporate and other key stakeholders
  • Experience in governance and leadership, strategic planning and delivery


Added advantages:


  • Affiliation with or experience with public health issues/approaches in Tanzania
  • Strong international exposure, particularly in Africa, with experience of interacting with international community
  • Experience in impact-focused organizations, where results-based management approaches are central to the operating model;
  • Global networks in international development/civil society or corporate sectors




  • Chairing and Mentoring Skills
  • Strategic capability
  • Advocacy and Representation skills
  • Inter-personal skills


Term of Office:

One three-year term renewable once. The role is undertaken on a pro bono basis.

How to Apply: –

If you are interested to be chairperson of the Board of Directors of Amref Health Africa in Tanzania, please send an application letter and CV combined in as one PDF document indicating your qualifications, daytime telephone contact and email address. Your application must be received by 16.30 HOURS October 15, 2021. All correspondences and applications should be emailed to:

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