Assistant Education Director & English Teacher – Arusha

By | October 8, 2018

Assistant Education Director & English Teacher
JOB TYPE Full Time
PUBLISHED 10/05/2018
START DATE 01/02/2019
Arusha Region
The Tanzanian Children’s Fund is seeking a native English speaker with education leadership experience to work for the Rift Valley Children’s Village in rural Tanzania. The goal of the position is to assist the Education Director with the daily operations, logistics, and academic programming at Gyetighi Primary School. Additionally, this position is to coordinate and teach ESL classes to students and teachers in order to position them for future educational and professional success.
Management Responsibilities:
• Assist TCF’s Education Director with daily management of Gyetighi Primary School
• Establish a rapport with all the faculty at Gyetighi to identify the challenges facing the schools
• Work daily at Gyetighi Primary School and report to both the Head Teacher and Education Director
• Serve as a mentor to the faculty by modeling instruction and using a classroom observation system to provide constructive feedback about teacher instruction, classroom management, assessment, etc.
• Coordinate teacher trainings to address the needs of the students and faculty
• Identify areas of the curriculum that can be supplemented to the betterment of the students
• Evaluate current instruction methods and work in concert with the Head Teacher to introduce strategies that include teaching to multiple learning styles, incorporate creativity into daily lesson plans, encourage independent thought from the students, etc.
• Create a system to best utilize the limited resources, i.e., textbooks, etc., as well as identifying resources that can be purchased to improve overall quality of education
• Along with the Head Teacher and Education Director, plan and implement teacher appreciation events, end-of-semester closing ceremonies, graduation, Parent’s Day, etc.
• Act as supervisor of Student Teachers in all work related to Gyetighi
• Review semester and yearlong school performance of the Children’s Village children who attend Gyetighi and identify areas of weakness and focus for tutoring during evenings and school vacations
English Language Teaching Responsibilities:
• Management of the ESL program at Gyetighi Primary School
• Planning, preparing and delivering lessons for both students and teachers to a range of classes and age groups
• Preparing and setting tests, examination papers, and exercises
• Marking and providing appropriate feedback on oral and written work
• Devising, writing and producing new ESL materials
• Participating in extra-curricular school activities as required
• Coordinating and creating programs to encourage teachers and students to use English
• Planning and supervising a three week English course to prepare students for secondary school
• Providing support for one-on-one tutors as needed
• Coordinating with RVCV volunteers who can assist in teaching and tutoring responsibilities
• Native English speaking ability
• Bachelor’s Degree
• Valid teacher’s license/certificate or ESL teacher certification
• Minimum of 1-2 years’ experience
• Education leadership experience
• Commitment to service
• Ability to engage children, faculty and volunteers
• Strong team-building skills and interpersonal skills
• Knowledge of Swahili helpful but not required
• Overseas working/volunteering experience preferred
• $650 monthly stipend
• $2,000 airfare allowance/year
• Room and Board including private apartment, all meals, internet, local phone, and housekeeping support; transport to town as needed.
• Health insurance for term of service
• One month annual leave per year of commitment
Native English speaking ability required. Knowledge of Swahili helpful but not required.
4-year degree
Home Copy
To apply, please send us your cover letter and resume through this link

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