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Branch IT Supervisor

Dar es salaam, Tanzania | Posted on 04/17/2023


Assist the regional information manager to complete the IT-related work of the trading branch and production plant. If there is a project demand, he will travel to the surrounding areas to help the regional information manager to complete the IT project implementation work, arrange and supervise the work of the IT information specialist, and at the same time report to the regional information manager report.

(Complete the IT tasks of the new and old offices of trading and warehouse in Zambia:

1. Independently design the new office area, new factory, new warehouse network, monitoring network wiring, arrange local IT specialists to cooperate with them to complete the implementation of network monitoring, and carry out project management on hardware projects.

2. Proficient in dealing with printer operation and maintenance issues, attendance machine operation and maintenance issues, scanners, projectors and other equipment and equipment operation and maintenance issues.

3. Proficient in dealing with desktop operation and maintenance issues such as system re installation, office software installation, and mailbox configuration.

4. Skillfully handle SAP system installation, UFIDA ERP system installation and other issues after training.

5. Manage IT specialists and IT apprentices in hardware projects, assign tasks and supervise the completion.

6. Proficient in cabinet installation, computer room construction, network equipment configuration, periodically arrange local IT specialists to overhaul and maintain cameras, clean server dust, fly tower equipment dust, operate and maintain trading company, warehouse, company factory, new All network problems in glass factories, Chinese dormitories.

7. Assist in training local IT specialists and local IT apprentices. )

Ability: Analytical and judgmental, good communication skills, high independence, good execution. Familiar with IT professional knowledge, such as common hardware maintenance management, network deployment, etc., have the ability to manage subordinates, need to have more than 2 years of subordinate management experience, and need to have 1-2 large-scale factory network and monitoring security implementation experience;

Personality: Serious and responsible, strong sense of confidentiality, able to withstand greater work pressure.

Work location: branch office

Business trip requirements: travel to other branches and factories in the home country or neighboring countries, and other branches and factories in the region.

Knowledge and Experience

  • Academic qualifications: University and above, majoring in Computers and Networks.
  • More than 5 years working experience
  • Linux command
  • DOS commands
  • Computer room management
  • Maintenance and installation of monitoring equipment


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