Call for Applications For a Consultancy to Develop a Web-Based Data/Information Management System

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Job Overview
Call for Applications for a Consultancy to develop a Web-Based Data/Information Management System
Advert Reference #: MKT/CB/RFP/22/587
Consultancy Type: Individual OR Company/Firm
Location: Open Sourcing
Application Deadline: 31st January, 2023 (2359Hours EAT)
Engagement Type: Vendor / Consultant
Language Required: English and Swahili are prime
Issue date: 26th January 2023



Mwitikio wa Kudhibiti Kifua Kikuu na UKIMWI Tanzania (MKUTA), is a national umbrella organization for partner Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) formed by former tuberculosis (TB) patients in Tanzania providing community-based TB and TB/HIV services, and promoting access to essential treatment among the general population with priority to key and vulnerable populations. The goal of MKUTA’s work is to strengthen community awareness on TB and HIV and decrease stigmatization of those living with TB and HIV, improve early case detection and assist patients in their treatment to ensure treatment completion and cure. MKUTA supports its members to reduce the burden of TB and HIV in Tanzania. The Organization was founded and registered in 2009 with registration number ooNGO/R/0137. Since its inception, the organization has had 125 District TB Clubs. MKUTA Headquarters are located at Plot 455 Kiko Avenue, Off Mwai Kibaki Road, Mikocheni B, Kinondoni, Dar es Salaam. MKUTA Postal Address: 14461 Dar es Salaam.


About the Project
With funding from the USAID-funded New Partnerships Initiative Expanding Health Partnerships (NPI EXPAND) project, Tanzania Health Promotion Support (THPS), has sub-granted MKUTA to implement a capacity-strengthening project focusing on communication, advocacy, branding, gender, and family planning. NPI EXPAND is a five-year global cooperative agreement project (7200AA19CA00015) funded by the USAID and implemented by Palladium International LLC (Palladium) with the ultimate goal of increasing the availability and utilization of high-quality services through new and underutilized local partners (NUPs). Currently, MKUTA lacks a web-based data/information management system to track performance in achieving various projects and activities targets. This makes it difficult to measure organizational performance towards the strategic objectives. Through NPI EXPAND sub-grant, MKUTA envisions to have a web-based results management system that will integrate multi-project performance indicators and facilitate archiving and retrieval of historical data and ensure data security. The current data collection and reporting tools, and the existing M&E framework shall be reviewed for the development of a robust results management system.


Purpose and deliverables
The web-based information system will strengthen organizational capacity by having a functional Data/information management system (Results management system) and a readily available central data repository.

The specific objectives are:
i. Review and modify existing MKUTA data collection and reporting tools ii. Review a drafted MKUTA MEL framework
iii. Review existing performance indicators per project
iv. Develop web-based data entry forms, customized reports and a dashboard for performance reporting as per project
v. Training of web-based data/information management system to key MKUTA staff

vi. Develop a user manual for a web-based data/information management system

vii. Produce a final report for a web-based data/information management system

The expected output will be:
i. Updated MKUTA data collection and reporting tools
ii. Updated MKUTA MEL framework
iii. Reviewed performance indicators per project
iv. Functional web-based information management system with data entry forms, customized reports, and dashboard tools, for performance reporting as per project
v. Trained MKUTA staff and ex-TB/Community Health Volunteer leaders to use web-based data/information management system
vi. A user manual for web-based data/information management system
vii. Produce a final report for web-based data/information management system

viii. Certificate of completion of the developed web-based data/information management system

The Consultancy should be conducted in line with the principles outlined in the approved Terms of Reference (ToR) that will be issued to only successful applicant/consultant.


Evaluation ethics.
The consultant should have both personal and professional integrity and abide by the Tanzanian Ethical Guidelines to ensure that the rights of individuals involved in the assignment are respected.
The evaluator must act with cultural sensitivity and pay attention to protocols, codes and recommendations that may be relevant to their interactions with beneficiaries.
As part of the Inception Report, the Consultant will develop a specific protocol to be used and data collection in line with respecting do not harm, diversity and gender equality.
All data collected through this assignment is property of MKUTA and must be provided to the organization, if requested, in a word format.
Management and Implementation Arrangements.
This assignment will be facilitated by MKUTA Executive Director.
The focal point for leading this assignment from MKUTA will be appointed by the Executive Director.
The individual consultant or firm will be invited to present the Web-based Data/Information Management system to be provided.
Key experts and partners shall be invited to the presentation of preliminary findings, and their feedback shall be incorporated into the final inception report.
The inception and finals report will be finally approved by the Executive Director of MKUTA.
Evaluation of the software provided by the Consultant and required competencies.
The web-based data/information system will be assessed whether it meets all required components, modules and/or solutions as advertised.
The independent Individual Consultant is, therefore, required to do the assignment using the stipulated plan/criteria.

Given that subject-specific knowledge is required, the consultant would need to demonstrate strong technical knowledge and expertise in ICT platforms.
Additionally, the consultant should demonstrate expertise in monitoring, evaluation, statistical analysis, and communication of data with proven experience in providing consultancy services in health NGOs.
Other factors considered during the evaluation include; cover letter, the credentials on offer and brief interview (optional) and the offer which gives the best value for money for MKUTA.
Duration of Assignment
The contract will be supervised by the Executive Director – MKUTA.
The solution shall be delivered within 20 days from the contract date.

To apply please send application to not later than 31st January 2023. The application should contain:

Cover letter outlining relevant individual/firm experiences & explaining why you are the most suitable candidate for the advertised assignment
For individual applicants: Updated CV to include qualifications/competencies and relevant past experience in similar projects and contact details of 3 professional referees who can certify your competencies, professionalism, quality of writing, presentation and overall suitability to this ToR
For firms: Submit capacity statement focusing on similar projects and CVs of three (3) firm staff expected to lead the project, copies of legal and tax clearance documents.
Please note that ONLY selected consultant will receive full Terms of Reference and will be required to develop inception report and the financial proposal


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