CRDB Bank internet banking – Benefits & How to Register

by Udahiliportal

CRDB Bank internet banking is your instant access to online financial management, where you can easily access your account information and perform various transactions securely and conveniently.

Internet Banking helps you make the right, responsible and informed financial decisions with access to your personal or business account information 24/7.

Internet Banking Features

Bulk Payment- you can now make up to 2000 payments in a single transaction to CRDB bank account holders and other local Bank accounts within Tanzania, as well as Bulk payments to Mobile Network Operator subscribers (Mpesa, Tigo Pesa, Airtel Money and Halopesa)
Fund Transfer – Transfer funds between your own accounts, other CRDB Bank accounts, make International payments through SWIFT and local Banks within Tanzania through TISS
Perform multi currency transfers and cross currency transfer(i.e TZS TO FX, FX TO FX, FX TO TZS), all these transfers can either be done using approved board rate or negotiated rate(Special rate)
With Bill Payment you can pay your utility bills, taxes and fees anywhere, anytime to Government Electronic Payments (GEPG), Airline ticket payment (Precision Airline), LUKU, DSTV, AZAM, TRA,
Pay bills you can pay Mobile Payments to MNOs (Mpesa, Tigo Pesa, Airtel Money and Halopesa)

Benefits of Internet Banking

Puts you in control of your account 24/7
Provides you with time-saving and hassle-free services
Ensures your Privacy and Security
Your access is protected by a two-level authentication by using a username and Password and either Mobile OTP, SMS OTP or CRDB gadget.
It allows multiple access levels for corporate users (VIEW ONLY, INPUTER ONLY, APPROVER, & FULL ACCESS)
Allow Multiple Transaction Limits for corporate and retail users.

How to Register

Please visit the nearest with your ID (NIDA, Voter’s Card, Passport or Driving Licence) branch if you are within Tanzania
If you are abroad please email us at

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