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Job Overview
English fluency and life skills Teacher
Secondary Education for Girls Advancement is a Tanzanian non-profit Non-Governmental Organization registered in 2007.


Organization Summary

Secondary Education for Girls Advancement (SEGA) is a non-profit organization with offices at Mkundi area, Morogoro Municipal, mandated to operate in Tanzania mainland with registration No 00NG/R2/0000232. With a particular focus on vulnerable girls, its mission is to educate and equip bright Tanzanian girls with academic, leadership, and business skills to unleash their individual talents and reach their full potential. SEGA programs include; 1) SEGA girls secondary school, 2) Program for post form A support, 3) Msichana wa Kisasa Community Outreach Program. The Sega girls secondary school located in Mkundi area, Morogoro Municipal provides quality holistic education for form I – IV with 50% of its students being from vulnerable backgrounds, on scholarship. Its mission is to provide quality education for girls which fosters the development of academic excellence, strong values, healthy self-esteem, and independent thinking skills, with emphasis on leadership, entrepreneurship, social responsibility and environmental care.


POSITION: English fluency and life skills Teacher -1 post

Major Function.

The overall objective of the SEGA English Fluency Teacher is to provide diverse and stimulating opportunities for our students to practice and gain proficiency in spoken and written English and the overall objective of the Education for Life Teacher/Counselor is to support students to develop into productive, healthy young women who can take active leadership in their own lives and in their communities. Through teaching life skills, providing psycho-social counseling, and support in developing students’ career pathways, the EFL Counselor contributes to the overall mission of SEGA to assist vulnerable girls to improve their quality of life and create a model secondary school for educating girls.


English fluency Teacher Responsibilities.

Using and adapting existing materials and curricula put together by past Volunteers, and using additional materials which you identify, further develop the English Fluency program for SEGA students to complement and supplement the national English Syllabus, for the instruction of Pre-Form I students (after they complete
Standard VII national exam, prior to entering secondary school/Form I in January)
Teach intensive EFL classes to incoming Grade 6 and Grade 7 students Initiate out-of-class, extra-curricular, or weekend activities which strengthen English such as clubs, sports, board games, one-on-one tutoring, and other activities using only English
Provide recommendations to the school for enhancing its support to students to become proficient in English
Supervises or works with other international volunteers as available native- English Teachers to enhance
English on campus through formal classes and extracurricular activities.
Manages pupil behavior and instills discipline in all students in and outside the classroom while at the same time creating a “safe” environment for vulnerable girls. Ensures supportive, respectful communication style and culture within the school to model appropriate behavior and build student confidence.
Alerts and keeps the Headmistress informed of all students’ progress, highlighting problems at an early stage
Performs other duties as assigned by the Head if the need arises b/ Life skills Teacher responsibilities.
R1: Supports Development of Life and Leadership Skills Among Students in and outside of the Classroom (35%)

Teaches Life Skills classes to non-formal and secondary students as per curriculum
Develops, coordinates, and ensures the quality of logistics, content, and impact of Community Outreach activities for all Forms of girls, as appropriate.
Modifies the program over time to make it an effective tool for leadership skills development Leads seminars) or invites/facilitates expert organizations to lead seminars in HIV/AIDS, pregnancy prevention, or other pertinent health issues Develops, coordinates, and ensures the quality of student mentoring programs on campus involving all students. Modifies and improves its effectiveness over time.
R2: Maintains and Encourages a “Safe Environment” for Vulnerable Girls (20% of the time)

Working together with EFL Program Coordinator, Matron, Nurse, teachers/ advisors, Headmistress, supports students emotionally, by listening, and offering advice, referring to Counselor as necessary.
Manages pupil behavior and instills discipline in all students in and outside the classroom while at the same time creating a “safe” environment for vulnerable girls.
Seeks to remind and bring into focus our life and leadership development objectives through all aspects of campus life, building synergies wherever possible
Supports staff (through training, reminding, supporting…) to adopt healthy communication styles with each other, and with students, to reinforce Segas life and leadership skills agenda set the example, and build student confidence. Highlights any problems/issues at an early stage to School Administration
R3. Any other duties as assigned by Supervisor (10%)

May be requested to perform other duties at the school as needed, including filling in periodically for Matron when she is absent


Teaching Degree or Diploma in English as a Foreign Language with 3+ years experience.
Ability to live in Morogoro
Experience working with vulnerable populations preferred Excellent spoken and written Kiswahili and English Ability to work well independently Excellent interpersonal skills.
Ability to communicate efficiently via email; and use MSWord and Excel Team work spirit/ creating teamwork


Send application to: recruitment@sega.or.tz by Thursday 21st July 2022 by submitting only Application Letter and CV.

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