Form six best performers reveal secrets of their successes

by Udahiliportal

Asteria Chilambo, 20, and Clara Mbalase, 20, who were both Canossa High School students on Saturday, July 14, shared secrets behind their excellent performance in the 2018 Form Six national examinations.

The duo were on the top ten best female Form Six students list in science subjects, according to the results released by the National Examinations Council of Tanzania (Necta) on Friday.

Speaking separately to The Citizen on Saturday, the students established that parental support and their access to learning materials contributed immensely to their excellent performance.

“I was at Masaki (Tansao) when the results were released yesterday. But since morning I was browsing on the internet to search for the results because I was aware that they would be released yesterday,” Ms Chilambo told The Citizen.

Ms Chilambo, who ranked sixth on the list after scoring Division 1.4, further said “At around 12 noon yesterday I opened Necta’s website and I found out that I had passed the examinations”.

The PCM (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics) combination student also said she was passionate about studying civil engineering in future.

“Studying hard is the top secret behind my success. I always had passion for science subjects,” she said.

She added “Support from both my parents and teachers have contributed a lot to my performance”.

She further urged fellow female students in the country to go for science subjects and do away with the notion that they are difficult, one simply needs to work hard and smart.

For her part, Ms Mbalase, ranked ninth on the list, said “I was at home when the results were released. I was caught unaware.”

She further revealed that it was her classmate (Asteria) who informed her about the results.

“Yesterday, I received a call from my friend at around 12 noon and she informed me that I have passed the examinations. I to broke the news to my parents,” she said.

“I want to continue studying science when I join university. My dream is to study engendering studies,” she added.

She explained that it was still a challenge for one to access learning material for science subjects due to shortage, saying female students were the most affected.

Canossa High School second headmistress Angela Mlipano told The Citizen “On behalf of the school, I commend the students for the achievement. They have really made us proud. Their self-motivation in learning has attributed to their good performance”.

Meanwhile, The Citizen also spoke to Feza Boys High School student Amour Ally, 20, who is the sixth in the overall top ten best male students in arts and language subjects over his secret behind his good performance.

The EGM (Economics, Geography and Mathematics) combination student who scored Division 1.5 said that, “Since my childhood, I was passionate about studying the subjects. I therefore grew up with such a passion,” he said.

“Parental support has also contributed to my performance. I can recall, two days before the examinations, the school management invited our parents to come and give us a word of encouragement,” he added.

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