General Trade Executive at TotalEnergies

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  • Respect of the Golden rules and all the HSE rules and standards of TOTAL by all the staff, contractors, customers…




  • Implements the affiliate marketing strategy
  • Participates in the development of affiliate marketing plans on General Trade on the basis of GT in the box master plan, key account arrangement to obtain optimal volumes, margins and collections.
  • Monitors , follows up and reports on the consumer prospection activity
  • Develops the reseller business (PRISM), operating on cash basis, collection by own transport or in case of credit covered strictly by bank guarantee.
  • Monitors the level of orders executed per key account customer every 10 days relative to expected monthly targets
  • Intervenes with customers to establish cause of variations ORGANIZING
  • Before sale service (Quotations to clients, monthly price advice, Transmission of prices to clients)
  • Undertakes corrective action on wrong pricing on invoice, issues on shortlanded products
  • Collects tender documents, identifies tender requirements (bid security)
  • Participates in preparation of bids and contracts. A contract to be in place for any new business.
  • Updates all existing contracts, and participates in contract renewal process including negotiations.
  • Undertakes daily market price surveys on reseller market
  • Generates profitability analysis Ex Ante and determines credit limits per customer. A customer with multiple accounts to be considered in totality.
  • Periodic review of Commercial Term forms (credit ceiling, credit days)
  • Coordinates account reconciliations with client (in liason with credit controller, Customer service)
  • Prepares Equipment Movement form for equipment installations, and removals. Review of supply and demand of equipment to suit GT Client portfolio. Equipment includes stationary and mobile tanks, transfer and dispensing pumps.




  • After sale service (assist tax exempt clients on documentation, handle card sales ex stations,
  • Coordinates and follows up collections from clients in liason with Customer service /Credit Control sections
  • Attends business review meetings with key account clients on quarterly basis to address queries, complaints or dissatisfaction
  • Implement new projects including Consignment management, Fuel management system,and Excellium
  • Active use of GT Toolbox as recommended by GT Africa division
  • Undertake training to GT Client staff on proper product handling and quality Control.




  • Attends in house credit control meetings and undertakes review of limits on quarterly basis.
  • Daily checking of Margin and Aged balance reports and Prepares reminders to Clients on payments
  • Follows up the endorsement of contracts for those clients who have not yet signed/need for review
  • Maintains proper filing system on client and other business documents
  • Carries out risk assessments on clients in key account list and reports a minimum of 12 near misses per annum
  • Active participation in variable compensation scheme (performance measured on volumes, margins, collections realized and prospects converted)
  • Active participation in SALSA, with a minimum of 20 reports per month. Entry into SALSA on daily basis and proper registration of visits made on existing clientele, and on prospects , and opportunities .created.


Contexte et Environnement


  • Competition : 50 Oil companies authorised to market oil products
  • Understanding client needs: Clients with big product demand give tough tender conditions eg Mining, Cement,Energy
  • Understanding our Strength and weakness points : Tough logistics of supply to serve Lake region, Mbeya and Kigoma; Control on fuel short deliveries on situations whereby transport of the fuel is handled by TOTAL contracted transporter and the distances covered are big.
  • Preventive mechanism is required when huge credit facility is necessary without a cover (security deposit or bank guarantee)


Profil recherché


  • Knowledge of basic accounting
  • Technical knowledge and Marketing Skills
  • Working experience at both Field and Main Office
  • University degree in business related fields
  • Language skills: English and Chinese.



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