Higher Education Council-HEC Rwanda

By | November 1, 2018

The primary mission of the Higher Education Council is the maintenance of quality assurance in the provision of higher education to ensure that higher learning institutions in Rwanda produce citizens capable of playing their part in the Rwandan economy. The council will ensure that Higher Education Institutions design programmes that:

  • Meet the demands of the labour marker;
  • Educate citizens so that they are capable of playing their part in the economy and society at large;
  • Develop the potential of academic and administrative staff to enable them to provide stimulating intellectual environment ;
  • Facilitate a culture which supports the production of scholarship, research, innovation and knowledge transfer to meet the social and economic needs or Rwanda.
  •  The council is further dedicated to promoting a well planned and regulated education system that meets the development needs of Rwanda;
  •  Building the country’s human resource capital by providing skilled and educated personnel; supporting social, political, cultural and economic advancement the nation; developing the potential of science and technology;
  •  Enhancing the national system of the ensures that graduates are fit for purpose and are internationally credible; contributing to the development of an effective of continuing education and life-long learning;
  •  Promoting equal opportunity and gender sensitivity in all higher education programmes; and encouraging regulated private and non-governmental initiatives in establishment, funding and running of higher education institutions.
  • Url: www.hec.gov.rw


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