Indangaburezi College of Education (ICE) offered and approved Academic Programs

by Udahiliportal

The idea for the creation of a higher institution of education in Ruhango came from different consultations within
‘’INDANGABUREZI Asbl’’ which is the owner of ‘’Groupe Scolaire Indangaburezi’’ started in 1988.

High standard achievements of this school in terms of education quality and management motivated the members of
‘’Indangaburezi Asbl’’ to upgrade the services given to the community by creating a Higher Learning Institution.
From 2009, the Board of Directors analysed different options among the following: University, Higher Institute and
College of education.

List of offered and approved Academic Programs Indangaburezi College of Education (ICE)

The following is a list of programs  offered at the Indangaburezi College of Education (ICE)

– Advanced Diploma Early Childhood Education
– Advanced Diploma Education in English and French
– Advanced Diploma Education in English and Swahili
– Advanced Diploma Education in English and Kinyarwanda
– Advanced Diploma Education in Computer Science and Geography
– Advanced Diploma Education in Economics and Geography

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