iOS 17 may bring fewer new features but better stability on iPhones

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iOS 17 may bring fewer new features but better stability on iPhones

Apple’s iOS 16 brought a handful of features to iPhones. In iOS 17, users should expect fewer notable changes based on an earlier report. This claim is now supported by a new set of information detailing Apple’s plan for its upcoming operating system which will debut with the iPhone 15.

Cuándo será la fecha de lanzamiento de iOS 17?

Less new features but fewer bugs in iOS 17

The outlet says that iOS 17 has an internal codename ‘Dawn’. Additionally, Apple is said to focus on making the next major OS stable and efficient rather than having more visual perks similar to iOS 16. However, it was mentioned that new features will still be made such as a new dedicated AR/VR app to support the first alleged ‘Reality Pro’ headset.

Improvements to first-party apps are also on Apple’s table including Apple Music, Mail, Find My, and Home app, among others. There are minor changes to Fitness, Wallet, and Apple Pay Later services that are believed to happen as well.

Apple iPhone 14 Plus port

iPhone 15 Ultra may get a souped-up processor

More importantly, the page tells that clues of Apple working on six iPhone models with Dynamic Island have been found. Namely, these are all four iPhone 15 models as well as last year’s iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max (review). At the same time, it added that the entire iPhone 15 lineup will be sporting USB-C sport, which is no surprise given Apple indirectly it confirmed before.

This year may also see Apple differentiating the iPhone 15 Pro Max (or iPhone 15 Ultra) from the smaller pro model. Besides the size, the priciest iPhone would probably rely on more advanced image processing and a boosted A17 processor paired with a better cooling system according to the source.

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