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By | March 16, 2019

Background: About Doctors with Africa CUAMM Trustees
Doctors with Africa CUAMM Trustees, headquartered in Dar es Salaam. Founded in 1987 CUAMM focuses on designing health system strengthening projects, with particular attention to the needs of women and children, and tailored to the specific needs of the countries where the organization carries out projects. Through its evidence based approach, CUAMM works to remove the barriers preventing communities from accessing health services, and to improve the quality of the same services, to achieve accessible, quality and equitable healthcare fo everyone.

JOB TITLE: Nutritionist
The selected person will be responsible for proper implementation of project health facility nutrition activities, as per work plan of Doctors with Africa CUAMM dedicated to severe acute malnourished children. He/She will coordinate with the Project Manager. He/She will also be co-responsible to maintain good relationships with government counterparts and other stakeholders at local and District level and, particularly, with health institutions.


The Project Nutritionist will support the health facility personnel and District Authorities in
developing services aiming at increasing awareness as well as at detecting and referring cases of children with malnutrition. Activities which are able to promote changes in behaviours and best practices in nutrition at facility level, offering effective nutrition services and treatment, increasing the sensibility and knowledge on nutrition issues.

Main tasks
 Support the Project Manager in planning, monitoring and coordinating health facility activities;
 Conduct health facility support, working side by side with the health staff, doing daily training on the job and staying in the health facility the time needed for understanding the gaps and the needs.
 Identify training needs and prepare training programs for health staff in collaboration with the doctors in charge and the PM.
 Conduct quarterly health facility supervisions of health staff activities utilizing the given tools and following the IMAM guidelines;
 Prepare reports and analyses;
 Conduct data collection in the health facility of the Project’s area;
 Monitoring the data collection process in collaboration with the PM;
 Prepare and conduct with the PM the quarterly IMAM meeting with all the in charge of the health facilities and the medical authorities to give the supportive supervision feedback and plan together the next step forward.
 Plan, organize and ensure that mapping activities are correctly done and that they meet the project’s expected targets;
 Remains up-to-date with latest methodologies, best practices and donor requirements in nutrition and other related health programs;
 Contribute to ensure and supervise the effective referral systems along the continuum of care for the project beneficiaries in collaboration with the field officer, DNuOs and the health staff.
 Supervise the correct use of Therapeutic food in the health facility and coordinate the quarterly order from the District to the Organization.
 Participate to District and Regional Nutrition meeting with the PM.
 As part of the team, she will contribute to CUAMM’s general Mission and Goals.
 Ensuring project activities are properly included and in line with National Multisectoral Nutrition Action Plans (NMNAP) and Regional Nutrition Strategic Plan
 Supporting Doctors with Africa CUAMM and District Authorities to build sustainability of the intervention through proper planning and budget allocation
 Any other duties required by the Project Manager.

 Bachelor degree in Human Nutrition and/or Family and Consumer Studies (FCS)
 2 years working experience in International NGO in similar projects
 Proven proficiency in oral/written English;
 Computer literacy in MS Office and Internet

Matemity cover, 3 months of duration.
DUTY STATION CUAMM Project Office, Area E, Dodoma, supervision in Health facilities of Dodoma MC and D.Cs.

Please include: up-to-date CV; (at least) two contactable professional references; a covering letter. Applications not including all these information will not be considered; applications submitted after the deadline will also not be considered, The application must be sent at Doctors with Africa CUAMM Trustees at the following email address: Applications received through any other means will not be taken into consideration; DO NOT attach copies of certificates/diplomas; Only shortlisted candidate swill be contacted; Deadline for submission of applications is 22/03/2019

  Avoid Scams: Never pay to have your cv/application pushed forward, Any job vacancy requesting payment for any reason is a scam. If that happens Please report it