Kibogora Polytechnic (KP) Fees Structure

by Udahiliportal
Kibogora Polytechnic (KP) Fees Structure

I. General Fees

1 Application Fees for New Applicants 5,000
2 Registration Fees+Students Welfare for All Students(Done per Level) 30,000
3 Last Level:Graduation Fees 25,000
4 Any Official Academic Document(Transcript,…) 10.000
5 Certificate of Attendance 10,000
7 Bank Operational Fees 1,000
8 Remarking 5,000
9 Transcript 10,000
10 Duplicate Final Transcript 10,000 RWF
11 Academic Testiomonial Achievement 10,000
12 Duplicate Degree 20,000 RWF
13 Rechecking examination booklet: 2500rwf 2500 RWF
14 Fine of presenting the bank slip to the finance office within two days before sitting for exam 1000 RWF
15 Fine of paying tuition fee within two days berofe sitting for exam 2000 RWF

II.Tuition fee

We would like to inform the public that considering the decision of KP Council meeting held at Kibogora on  January 2019, the school fees per credit of practical modules have changed for academic year 2019/20 starting with July 2019. For students in Health Sciences, gloves will be on charge of KP.

Clik here for details.

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