Mathematics Teacher at Orkeeswa School – Tanzania

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Through accessible, high-quality, community-based education and leadership development, Orkeeswa cultivates thoughtful decision-makers and creative problem-solvers prepared to achieve their own vision for impact.

Objective To help Students to develop mathematical problem solving skills by developing abilities to analyze, to see interrelationships involved to think and reason critically.

Location Orkeeswa School, Monduli, Tanzania

Reporting To Head of Academics

Working Relationships

Head of Academics

Head of School/Assistant Head of School

Head of departments

Orkeeswa staff

Orkeeswa students

Key Responsibilities & Tasks

  • Teach Mathematics
  • Prepare, implement, deliver and assess lesson plans, exclusively using English language for Mathematics and other subjects as may be required from time to time.
  • Know and comply with all Tanzania requirements for delivering and examining the subjects at secondary level. Comply with other relevant Tanzanian education requirements.
  • Prepare holistic learning activities for students encompassing plans for homework and other extra-curricular studies along with class time.
  • Develop present and assess tutoring programs as required.
  • Prepare and supervise examination, collate examination results and prepare reports for students in relevant subjects.
  • Actively participate as a member of the teaching team at Orkeeswa School and provide support as required to assist in the delivery of the education to students at Orkeeswa School.
  • Actively lead and contribute to the professional development of Orkeeswa School and foster a sense of pride and achievement in the school and its students.
  • Actively seek information to maintain awareness of up to date professional skills and subject knowledge

Experience, Skills & Strengths

  • Read, write and speak fluent English.
  • Have at least 4-5 years of teaching experience.
  • Have experience teaching both O-Level and A-Level Mathematics curriculum.
  • Can demonstrate excellent academic results in the relevant subjects.
  • Willing to facilitate extra-curricular activities, extra-help classes, life skills classes, etc.
  • Willing to work in a rural area.

Orkeeswa Culture Orkeeswa’s team is diverse and located across the globe. Respect for other cultures, norms and contexts is essential, and a belief in our mission is critical for success in any role with Orkeeswa’s team. We work hard and are fiercely committed to our vision of cultivating thoughtful decision-makers and creative problem-solvers prepared to achieve their own vision for impact. All team members must be humble, willing to learn from their colleagues around the globe, and challenge their own perceptions about international development and social impact work.

If you meet the above qualifications please email your resume and cover letter to before May 30th 2023.

Please note, applicants without all of the above materials will be considered incomplete and will not be accepted.

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