Matokeo ya darasa la nne 2023 – How to check NECTA SFNA Results 2023/2024 – Standard four result 2023

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The NECTA Standard four result 2023/24 or matokeo ya darasa la nne 2023 are the official resuslts after the completion of Marking and arranging the Standard Four National Assessment SFNA 2023 exam scripts, NECTA Coordinates and team up with the Selected teachers Qualified Markers responsible for marking candidates’ scripts. NECTA team processes the final Results , the SFNA Results 2023 – matokeo darasa la nne 2023 – Standard Four National Assessment Results sorted by Region, districts councils and schools listing , the results arranged in a tabulated format contains details such as student number, sex, student name, subject taken, grades and average grade scored for each student.

Generally, the NECTA SFNA results 2023 – standard four result 2023 provide statistics, the general information on how students are doing, How many are passing and failing, and what is the average achievement in standard four cohort 2023, NECTA SFNA Exams results information is used to assess the competence of pupils in Reading, Writing and Arithmetic skills, in the level that allows them to transfer the acquired knowledge in solving social, political, economic and technological problems for personal and national development.

When will NECTA Release the SFNA 2023 Results? (matokeo ya darasa la nne 2023/2024)

SFNA Results is something that is expected by a lot of parents,students and teachers in Tanzania. Currently, everyone in the country anxiously wants to know the release date for the NECTA SFNA 2023 Results – matokeo ya darasa la nne 2023 yanatoka lini?? , everyone is just predicting when NECTA matokeo darasa la nne 2023/2024 – necta grade four results 2023 will be released by the Council. There is news that the results are expected to be released by the month of January 2024. Well, the rumors are exactly what they are- rumors.

Where can you find the Standard Four National Assessment Exam Results 2023 in 2024?

Standard Four National Assessment Exam Results are generally announced by the NECTA – National Examinations Council of Tanzania, about 1 months after the candidates sat for the examination. After that time, the full results are posted on the NECTA, All Students and parents are advised to visit NECTA website For official information about the release of Standard Four National Assessment Exam for 2023. For those who are looking for How to check NECTA Form four (CSEE) Results 2023/2024, Kindly check this link 

How to check SFNA 2023 results online

Getting SFNA results online is just a click away following technological innovation. The only requirement is a device capable of accessing the internet, more preferably a smartphone.

Once  the National Examinations Council of Tanzania (NECTA) officially releases the SFNA Results 2023 –  Matokeo ya darasa la nne 2023/2024, there will be the bunch of ways to access the results, but the following below are the best ways to check SFNA results easily, faster and smoothly, just check for yourself below.

Check NECTA Standard Four National Assessment Exam Results 2023 online VIA Direct links.

The following links will also be used to access the SFNA results once they are released by The National Examinations Council of Tanzania (Necta), The links will redirect you to the NECTA Results 2023 portal, links to official press release announcements from NECTA. Thus, you can use these links to check matokeo ya darasa la nne 2023/2024

Check Matokeo ya darasa la nne 2023/2024 Online VIA NECTA official website

When the National Examination Council of Tanzania releases the standard four results 2023, Students and parents can check the results by Simply following the steps listed below.

Here’s how to check your SFNA 2023 RESULTS once it is declared.

  • Step 1- Visit these websites or
  • Step 2- Search for a tab saying SFNA Results 2023 Use this link
  • Step 3- Click it and on the new window Click find on page option on your browser and type your school name or number
  • Step 4- The SFNA Result 2020 will be displayed. Download or save the page and take a printout for future reference.




























Note that this post is not to be used as a substitute for anything posted by the NECTA – National Examinations Council of Tanzania.  Nor is it to be used as legal advice. This is a compilation of information that we have found online or according to experience and is offered for convenience only on when the SFNA results will be released. You may be required to Check NECTA – National Examinations Council of Tanzania website for official information.

If you see that any of our information is incorrect, out of date, or missing, please post in the comments below or contact us so we can keep this post as updated as possible.
The national standard Four examination results for 2023 will be announced soon , The following links will be used to access the full results once they are released by The National Examinations Council of Tanzania (NECTA)

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