NECTA advised on results grading: top ten schools and top ten students of national examinations results.

By | March 27, 2018

EDUCATION stakeholders have urged the National Examination Council (NECTA), to review the current system of grading top ten schools and top ten students of national examinations results.
Stakeholders have advised the government to recognise students who do wonders in single subject because the current system does not recognise them.
The advice was given by Tusiime school head teacher, Emil Rugambwa, during the school’s Form Six graduation ceremony held in Dar es Salaam over the weekend.
He said the current system of grading performance in national examinations results encourage schools to have few students so that they can get the chance to enter in top ten during national examinations results.
“Logically this trend of school to enrol few students deny opportunity of some Tanzanian students who want to study in private schools so we suggest the best way is for NECTA to grade the schools performance basing on how the students and school had performed in single subject,” he said.
“By doing so it will encourage students and teachers of the subject that performed better because they will be commended by the government and will bring challenges among students and teachers to do better in single subject because they would understand that they are going to be rewarded,” he said.
Either, he said if the government will agree and use that system it will bring competition  among students because some of them are very good in some subjects but they might be not good in other subjects.
He cited example that student might be good in history but can be poor in mathematics so the current system is not doing fair to some students who do wonders in single subject because they are not recognised.
Rugambwa said the new system to recognise performance in single subject will encourage students who are brilliant in some subject and bring challenges among them to do better in national examinations.
“Performance in subject is a process and to us Tusiime we have strategies to make sure students in Form Two excel with Division One and Two only and that means that those students will do wonders in Form Three and Form Four,” he said.
Rugambwa said Tusiime have put in place strategies to make sure all students who complete Form Four at the school get Division One, Two and Three only regardless if the school is in top ten best schools at national level.
“We want to see Form Six students got high marks that will enable them to join universities inside and outside the country and this year we have 600 Form Six students and according to our preparations we expect all of them to get Division one and Two and few of them  in Division Three,” he said.
Via: Ippmedia