Necta csee Results : Top 10 schoools 2017/18

By | January 30, 2018

The Tanzania Examination Council (NECTA) announced the form four results for a test held in October 2017, where first school ranked comes from Mbeya.

10. Shamsiye Boys ya Dar es salaam
9. Marian Boys ya Pwani
8. Feza Girls ya Dar es salaam
7. Canossa ya Dar es salaam
6. Marian Girls Pwani
5. Anwarite Girls ya Kilimanjaro
4. Bethel Sabs Girls ya Iringa
3. Kemebos ya Kagera
2. Feza Boys ya Dar es salaam
1. St. Francis Girls ya Mbeya
10. Mtule ya Kusini Unguja
9. Nyeburu ya Dar es salaam
8. Chokocho ya Kusini Pemba
7. Kabugaro ya Kagera
6. Mbesa ya Ruvuma
5. Furaha ya Dar es salaam
4. Langoni ya Mjini Magharibi
3. Mwenge S.M.Z ya Mjini Magharibi
2. Pwani Mchangani ya Kaskazini Unguja
1.Kusini ya Kusini Unguja
Results available in the links below:

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