Necta: Top 10 2019 Form Six results

By | July 11, 2019
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The national examination council of Tanzania (Necta) has today Thursday July 11 released the Form Six results for 2019.

The results which were announced by Necta’s executive secretary, Dr Charles Msonde in Unguja Zanzibar shows that the pass rate has gone up by 0.74 per cent from 97.58 per cent in 2018 to 98.32 per cent in 2019.

Dr Msonde said the exams which were held between May 6 to 23 in 2019, 91,298 candidates were registered with 37,948 female equivalent to 41.56 per cent, whereas, 53,350 male were equivalent to 58.44 percent.

He said among the registered candidates, school candidates were 80,216 and 11,082 were independent candidates.

The secretary-general added that out of the 91,298 candidates who were registered for the exam, 90,001 candidates equivalent to 98.58 per cent did the exam whereas 1,297 candidates equivalent to 1.42 per cent did sit for the exams due to various reasons including illness and truancy.

Dr Msonde said  that of the 80,216 school candidates registered, 79,770 candidates, (99,44 per cent) sat for the exams, 33,883 female students equivalent to 99.57 per cent and 45,887 boys equivalent to 99.35 per cent sat for the exams .  Some 446 candidates, equivalent to 0.56 percent did not write the exams.



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