Non-Executive Director at Tanga Fresh Limited

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About The Company:

TANGA FRESH LIMITED, is a major processor of milk and milk products in Tanzania. It is a company duly registered under the laws of the United Republic of Tanzania and having its registered office and principal place of business located at Kange Industrial Area, Tanga. The Company is looking for a Non-Executive Director (“NED”) to be part of the Board.

The role:

The NED is the sole non-executive of the company and he/she is expected to bring an external, independent perspective to the Board, assist with strategy, help develop the business and ensure that the risks are suitably managed. The NED is expected to challenge and advise the executive directors, in line with TFL’s values below, and help them to reach balanced judgements.

  • Respect for all: treatment with utmost respect and dignity.
  • Integrity and accountability: honesty and accountability.
  • Innovation & Creativity: placing consumers at the heart of everything it creates.
  • Professionalism: provide a safe and nurturing workplace for its people, work as a team with open and dignified communications.
  • Quality: an uncompromising commitment to quality.
  • Commitment: excellence in everything done, commitment to its employees, farmers and customers’ partnership for long-term business results.
  • Compliance with the law: strive at all times to abide by the laws of the land that impact and are relevant to the business.
  • Support community and natural environment: promote local communities to help strengthen relationships for all key stakeholders for a better sustainable future.

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NED will be a member of the Company’s Board of Directors.
The individual will provide a creative contribution to the Board by providing independent oversight and constructive challenge to the Board.
NED will be expected to bring independence to proceedings in assisting business strategy and ensure that risks are managed effectively.
One will be responsible for development of the business and be expected to challenge the management.


  • Attend Board meetings in NED capacity.
  • Participate in strategy meetings, respective Board Committee meetings or Annual General Meetings with senior staff or shareholders as may be required.
  • Carry out duties of a NED as laid down in the Board Charter of the Company.
  • Bring an external, independent perspective and advise the Management and the Board accordingly.
    Challenge executive directors in decision making.
  • Scrutinize the performance of management against the mission, vision and core values of TFL.
  • Advise on risk management and internal control framework.
  • Advise on systems which support the integrity and quality of management information.
  • Advise on governance arrangement and assist with succession planning.
  • Participate in the periodic appointment and review of terms of engagement of the External and Internal Audit.
  • Formulate policies and make decisions on matters that might create significant financial, operational and
  • reputational risk to TFL whilst ensuring effective systems of control and delegation.
  • Perform any other duty as may be required of a NED.
  • Uphold the principles of good governance at all times.


  • Skills in agriculture, production and engineering.
  • Ability to engage constructively with senior management.
  • Successful motivator of senior management.
  • Clear and enthusiastic communicator; verbal and written.
  • Strategic thinker and business development orientation.
  • Understanding of systems and risk management.
  • Good understanding of management accounts and related management information.
    Tanzanian national

How to apply

Interested and qualified candidates are advised to send their applications clearly quoting “Non – Executive Director” to on or before 13th May 2023.

Note: Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Please consider your application unsuccessful if you don’t hear from us by 20th May 2023.

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