Over 1,300 public servants who lost their jobs now to return to work

by Udahiliportal

The Minister of State in the President’s Office (Public Service and Good governance), Mr George Mkuchika said that the government has resolved that the public servants should return to work after recommendations and complaints were presented by workers’ trade unions and the public servants themselves.
Mr Mkuchika further revealed that public servants, who were under employment on temporary terms before 20th May 2004 when the Establishment Circular No1 was released, should also return to work.
The minister said that all the public servants returning to work should be paid all their dues and arrears for the entire period that they had been out of employment.
However, the minister stressed that this relief does not concern those who lost their jobs because of forged certificates, those who submitted fake personal records and those who were employed after 20th May 2004 without a Form Four certificate.

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