Program Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEAL) Coordinator at CARE

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Job Overview

Program Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEAL) Coordinator at CARE

CARE is a leading humanitarian organization dedicated to fighting poverty and social injustice and places a particular emphasis on women and girls, their dignity and empowerment to lead their communities out of poverty. CARE began working in Tanzania in April 1994, in response to the crisis in Rwanda and the subsequent influx of refugees into the Kagera Region of North-western Tanzania. Over the subsequent years, CARE Tanzania developed innovative education, health, microfinance, and environmental programs across most regions of the country. In Tanzania CARE works with the Government both in mainland and Zanzibar and other stakeholders to transform communities and ensure financial inclusion and independence, health and nutrition, climate- smart development resilience, especially for women and girls.


Restoring Landscapes & Livelihoods in East and Southern Africa with Climate Asset Management (RESAf) in Tanzania aims to improve livelihoods, food security and resilience to climate change in Tanzania through restoring ecosystem services and improved management of agricultural, pastoral and forest areas contributing to emissions reductions. This Program will enable and build substantial carbon sinks and sequestration opportunities, allowing viable returns to both farmers and investors.

CARE will be leading implementing Organisation in this 5 years’ climate change initiative in a consortium approach with other four international NGOs. The Program will enhance ecosystem services and carbon sinks, using locally appropriate Evergreening practices, to sequester carbon and generate certified carbon credits for the benefit of local communities and the investor. To improve the landscapes and livelihoods across Tanzania, the programme will take a multi­faceted, evidence-based approach to strengthen social, institutional, and economic infrastructure, and will develop equitable ever-green agriculture(EGA)value chain markets and ecosystem-based businesses (including the engagement with carbon markets) that underpin the sustainability of scaling-up positive impacts being realized through Evergreening practices.

CARE Tanzania seeks to recruit dynamic qualified Tanzanians to fill five (5) positions for a new project under Restoring Landscapes & Livelihoods in East and Southern Africa with Climate Asset Management (RESAf) based in Ifakara, Morogoro.

POSITION TITLE : Program Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEAL) Coordinator.

REPORTS TO : Program Team Leader

LOCATION : Ifakara, Morogoro


The Monitoring Evaluation Evidence and Learning (MEAL) Coordinator will be the authority in ensuring high and consistent standard and quality of MEAL is delivered throughout the programming and that the program team within the coverage area gets the required support in MEAL. In addition, the MEAL Coordinator, working closely with Policy, Governance & Communications Coordinator in CARE Tanzania will be supported by Cluster-based Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Officers from the consortium organisations, mandated to preform MEAL tasks in their respective sites/clusters. The MEAL Coordinator will work closely with Program Team Leader, Program Coordinators, and officers to ensure that the team is effectively and efficiently utilized in either a direct or shared and supportive Program role. The MEAL Coordinator will work closely with the CARE Senior MEAL Manager based in Dar es salaam Office for data sharing and storage and to leverage evidence and impact across the programme. S/he will also be responsible for leading the programs’ initiative efforts to build staff and partner’s capacities in designing, monitoring, evaluation, impact measurement, evidence generation, reporting and learning. S/he is also responsible to harmonise monitoring tools with consortium partners to ensure all the necessary data and information is gathered and analysed appropriately based on the project monitoring framework.


  • Leading the Development and Implementation of the RESAf Tanzania programs monitoring evaluation, impact measurement, and reporting system
  • Guide the development, reviewing and implementation of Monitoring &Evaluation(M&E)framework, in collaboration with consortium M&E staff.
  • In line with the above, work with M&E cluster teams and other relevant personnel within the consortium to develop/review appropriate M&E tools and ensure that tools to be used have received consent from all partners and are effectively harmonized across clusters.
  • Testing and adapting, in collaboration with other program teams and partners, the program theory of change.
  • Facilitate development of annual plans as per donor and CARE guidelines and support the revision of work plans in case of changes in programming or response to delays.
  • Prepare monitoring reports as well as assisting Team Lead in preparing Program’s monthly, and consolidated quarterly, semi­annual, and annual reports.
  • Lead in program initiative’s monitoring and evaluation events such as Baseline, mid-term reviews, final evaluation, and specific studies for the Program.
  • Organize and/or facilitate preparedness and execution of internal and external program reviews and development of quality evaluation reports.
  • Assist Team lead in organizing periodic Program Reflection and Programme Advisory Committee Meetings
  • Take lead in the engagement of program initiative reviewers and evaluators, including writing universal Terms of Reference (ToR) for all program sites and ensure that logistical support they need to carry out their contracted duties is provided accordingly.
  • Facilitate learning sessions with staff or partners for the purpose of exploring information and answers around Programs learning agenda.
  • Formulate and Implement key performance indicators (KPI) and deliverables for the Program and engage TL in monitoring them throughout the duration of the Program.
  • Coordinating programme’s information and knowledge management system.
  • Develop or review, in collaboration with PMU technical team, Team leader and consortium members, the program learning plan.
  • Develop, update, and maintain the program database and facilitate its synchronization with CARE Tanzania’s MEEL system.
  • Lead programs efforts to analyze and reflect on the data and information to determine the impacts it is making to the lives of targeted participants and for improved program performance.
  • Lead the program efforts to document challenges/obstacles and lessons and best practices, including their application for improved program and organizational performance.
  • Take lead to organize national level learning events in collaboration with PMU technical team and ACSAA Tanzania Chapter.
  • Promote Data utilization, reflective practices, and adaptive management.
  • Support CO MEAL Manager to conduct, on an annual basis, internal Data Quality Assessment as per standards to identify the major strength and weakness of Programme MEL system for improvement.
  • Collect and analyze data that informs RESAF program development and allows it to make programming decisions and support a process of adaptive management and continual improvement.
  • Carryout thorough analysis of data and relevant information and ensure that their utility suffices the needs for both; the RESAF programs evidence generation and reporting and contributing to individual organization’s impact measurement, policy influence and scale.
  • File and store completed data collection forms, reports and any other supporting document in designated locations both hardcopies and electronic copies in CARE Program database.
  • Assist in documentation of lessons learned and writing of learning briefs, success stories and other communication materials.
  • Work with the Program team in all the clusters to organize quarterly reflection and planning meetings to ensure Implementing feedback and grievance mechanisms are in place, functioning and communicated in an integrated way to beneficiaries to support CARE’s accountability to communities.
  • Participate in ACSAA consortium’s related program designs and major reviews, making sure that new designs mainstream best practices and learning and are aligned with sustainable and inclusive evergreen practices.
  • Develop a MEAL culture and strengthen accountability to application of best practices/learnings.
  • Support strengthening and continue use of the CARE Centralized data management system (MEAL system)
  • Facilitate the gathering and submission of annual PlIRs data for the program as required by the Country Office
  • Staff and Partner capacity development
  • Data quality assurance
  • Reporting
  • Work with Others to support CARE’s mission.
  • Perform Other Duties as Assigned


  • Master’s degree in social sciences/ Rural Development/Development Studies / Information Systems/ Program Management.
  • Professional certificate on MEAL course is an added advantage.
  • At least 4 years’ experience of MEAL including impact measurement, knowledge management, research, evidence generation for policy, data analysis, cost benefit analysis, programme design, programme quality and learning preferably in development organisations, and at a range of levels for local (micro) to national (macro).
  • Solid experience and understanding of monitoring and evaluation principles.
  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience in strategic planning and contextual analysis of relevant program areas.
  • Experience in conducting research and analysing data for advocacy and policy related initiatives, as well as formulating policy recommendations.
  • Demonstrated experience designing and using Program/program monitoring and evaluation frameworks.


Only a letter of application and updated CV including names of at least 3 reputable referees from previous jobs (preferable line Managers) with reliable contacts should be sent by email to Human Resources Department not later than 27th May, 2023.

The applicants should clearly state the Job title applied for in the subject line of the email.

Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

CARE is an equal opportunity employer promoting gender, equity, and diversity. Female and people with disability candidates are strongly encouraged to apply. Our selection process reflects our commitment to the protection of children and vulnerable adults from abuse.


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