Programme Specialist, Dodoma, Tanzania

By | March 26, 2018

Closing date: Wednesday, 4 April 2018
Education & Work Experience: I-Master’s Level Degree – 7 year(s) experience
Vacancy Type
Service Contract (SC)
Posting Type
Common System
Contract Duration:
One year
Background UNDP has been supporting the National Assembly (NA) of Tanzania for more than a decade, but, in particular, has developed a strong and trusted relationship with the NA in the past five years as it implemented the Legislatures Support Project (LSP). The LSP provided a broad range of support, including capacity building of staff and MPs and a significant transfer of knowledge as well as supported the NA to reform rules and processes as identified by the NA.
The second phase of the UNDP LSP project will support the NA to be more effective, transparent and inclusive in fulfilling its constitutional mandate and operating in accordance with international good practices for democratically functioning parliaments, through 1) Increased capacity of parliamentary committees to scrutinize Bills, oversee government and engage citizens; 2) More effective NA scrutiny and oversight of government, activities, budget and expenditure; 3) Strengthened functions and capacity for representing the interests of citizens in the NA; 4) NA supported to more effectively engage in strategic leadership, transparency and external engagement. 5) Gender is mainstreamed in all functions of the National Assembly.
The M & E Specialist will work under the direct supervision of the LSP’s Chief Technical Advisor (CTA) and in close consultation with the NA’s Project Coordinator and will work closely with the UNDP Country Office (CO). The M & E Specialist will advise the Project Coordinator on issues relating to project monitoring including identification of indicators, data collection methodologies and reporting. The M & E Specialist will also provide training to LSP and National Assembly staff on effective project monitoring.
Duties and Responsibilities 1. Setting up the system

  • Review and update framework for project M & E in accordance to the project document M & E plan;
  • Conduct readiness assessment regarding M & E including identifying project incentives at the system level, beneficiaries, existing capacity and related needs;
  • Guide and coordinate the review of the project log frame;
  • Provide technical advice for the revision of performance indicators;
  • Ensure realistic intermediate and end-of-project targets are defined;
  • Identify sources of data, collection methods, data collection protocols, frequency of data collection, cost of collection and its analysis by, among others, the M & E Task Force;
  • Ensure all critical risks are identified;
  • Identify the core information needs of central project management, the project board and technical committees, funding agencies and the cooperating institution;
  • Identify the requirements for collecting baseline data, prepare terms of reference for and arrange the conduct of a baseline survey, where required;
  • Identify M & E responsibilities of different project team members and secretariat staff;
  • Contribute to the development of the Annual Work Plan, ensuring alignment with project strategy, agreement on annual targets and inclusion of M & E activities in the work plan;
  • Prepare detailed M & E budget ;
  • Prepare calendar of M & E activities;
  • Identify short-term M & E expertise for the project where need arises.

2. Implementation of M & E

  • Oversee and execute M & E activities included in the Annual Work Plan, with focus on results and impacts as well as in lesson learning;
  • Based on the AWP and the project budgets, design the framework for the physical and process monitoring of project activities;
  • Promote a results-based approach to monitoring and evaluation, emphasizing results and impacts;
  • Coordinate the preparation of all project reports. Guide secretariat staff in the preparation of progress reports in accordance with approved reporting formats and ensure their timely submission. This includes quarterly progress reports, annual project report, inception report, and ad-hoc technical reports;
  • Prepare consolidated progress reports for project management including identification of problems, causes of potential bottlenecks in project implementation, and providing specific recommendations;
  • Check that monitoring data are discussed in the appropriate forum and in a timely fashion in terms of implications for future action. If necessary, create such discussion forums to fill any gaps;
  • Foster participatory planning and monitoring by training and involving primary stakeholder groups in the M & E of activities;
  • Prepare draft TORs for the mid-term and final evaluation in accordance to UNDP policy guidance;
  • Facilitate, act as resource person, and join if required any external supervision and evaluation missions;
  • Monitor the follow up of evaluation recommendations;
  • Identify the need and draw up the TORs for specific project studies;
  • Recruit, guide and supervise consultants or organizations that are contracted to implement special surveys and studies required for evaluating project effects and impacts;
  • Organize (and provide) refresher training in M & E for project and implementing partner staff, local organizations and primary stakeholders with view of developing local M & E capacity.

3. Lessons learned

  • Design and implement a system to identify, analyse, document and disseminate lessons learned;
  • Foster a culture of lessons learning in the project, document, package and disseminate lessons on a quarterly basis;
  • Ensure that ToRs for consultants recruited by the project also incorporate mechanisms to capture and share lessons learned through their inputs to the project;
  • dentify and participate in additional networks, for example scientific or policy-based networks that may also yield lessons that can benefit project implementation.


  • Advocacy/Advancing a Policy-Oriented Agenda;
  • Results-Based Programme Development and Management;
  • Building Strategic Partnerships;
  • Innovation and Marketing New Approaches;
  • Resource Mobilization (Field Duty Stations);
  • Promoting Organizational Learning and Knowledge Sharing;
  • Job Knowledge/Technical Expertise;
  • Global Leadership and Advocacy for UNDP’s Goals;
  • Client Orientation.

Required Skills and Experience

  • A postgraduate university degree, preferably in social/political science, public administration, or other areas relevant to the assignment;
  • At least 7 years proven experience in Monitoring Evaluation and Reporting in development projects including experience with the logical framework approach and other strategic planning approaches;
  • M & E methods and approaches (including quantitative, qualitative and participatory);
  • Planning, design and implementation of M & E systems;
  • Training in M & E development and implementation and/or facilitating learning-oriented analysis sessions of M & E data with multiple stakeholders;
  • Data and information analysis;
  • Report writing skills and experience;
  • Computer skills;
  • Leadership qualities, personnel and team management (including mediation and conflict resolution);
  • Demonstrable knowledge of Tanzania’s political environment is an added advantage ;
  • Fluency in English, with excellent written and oral communications skills;
  • Knowledge of Swahili will be an added advantage.

Languages – Essential: English
Languages – Desirable: Swahili

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