Radiology technician/ Radiographer at Tindwa Medical & Health Services

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Job Overview
Job Title: Radiology technician/ Radiographer

Department: Medical Services Department

Reports to: : HOD Medical Service Department.
Date : 24th October 2022


We are looking for a skilled radiology technician to work with closely with patients when performing radiologic imaging procedures. The Radiology Technician’s responsibilities include explaining procedures to patients, positioning patients and equipment, performing examinations, developing film, and maintaining and operating specialized radiologic equipment. The Radiology Technician is also responsible for ensuring patients’ safety by covering any areas not being imaged to prevent unnecessary exposure to radiation. You may become specialized in a particular radiographic procedure,such as MRI Technicians, CT Technicians, or MammographyTechnicians.


To be successful as a radiology technician, you should have strong technical skills, as well as good interpersonalskills when working with patients. You should be considerate and compassionate and have thephysical stamina to lift heavy equipment and physically disabled patients.


Radiology Technician Responsibilities:

Completing the patients’ intake process, taking patients’ histories, and preparing and educating patientsabout the imaging procedure.
Reviewing patients’ charts and Doctors’ notes before the examination, and maintaining patients’ recordsduring and after procedures.
Preparing radiopharmaceuticalsfor contrast in the diagnostic images.
Positioning patients and equipment to capture the correct area and produce clear images.
Monitoring patients and ensuring their safety during imaging procedures.
Calibrating the equipment to ensure clear, usable images are taken of the correct area, as specified bythe Doctor.
Logging and organizing image results, developing film, assisting with the interpretation of the radiograph results, and consulting with Radiologists to determine if other images need to be taken.
Ensuring the proper sterilization and storage of the equipment, maintaining radiographic equipment,and reporting any equipment failures.
Coordinating with the radiology department to schedule and complete radiographic procedures.
Maintaining up to date knowledge of current radiology practices.

Radiology Technician Requirements:

An associate’s(diploma) or bachelor’s degree in radiography, diagnostic radiotherapy or radiologictechnology.
A state license and certification to practice.
Excellent communication, interpersonal, and patient service skills.
Good analytical and problem-solving skills.
The ability to operate and understand radiographic technology and equipment.
The physical stamina to stand for long periods and operate heavy machinery without assistance.
The flexibility to work shifts, weekends, nights, and holidays


All applications should be done online via and certificates and application copied to not later than 4/11/2021.

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