SHEQ Officer at CVPeople Tanzania

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SHEQ Officer


CVPeople Tanzania | Full time

Mara, Tanzania | Posted on 06/15/2021

Job Description



  • Ensure that the site complies with the applicable National Occupation Health and Safety and Environmental Acts and local Bi-Laws.
  • Ensure statutory compliance with respect to key plant equipment.
  • Ensure work practices are safe and comply with legislation.
  • Ensure all legal appointments are in place, reflect the requirements of our clients and any other legal requirement. Update should changes occur.
  • Ensure that the COID Act is complied with.
  • The Letter of good standing valid and available to all interested parties.
  • Ensure that medicals are conducted on all staff to ensure they are fit to perform work.
  • Ensure that personnel are trained to perform their tasks and are inducted on site Safety requirements.
  • Ensure that there are no breaches of the OHS Act.
  • Ensure that the site environmental and Safety Plans are applied and abided by.


Health, Safety and Environmental system Maintenance of the Health,


  • Safety and Environmental system.
  • Completion of all relevant documents accurately and timeously.
  • Ensure all Company and Client policies and procedures are adhered to at all times.


Baseline Risk Assessment


  • Development and regularly review of the site baseline risk assessment.


Issue based Risk Assessment


  • Identify issue base risks for the site and perform team-based risk assessments thereof.


Communication & Development Perform SHE related awareness sessions, Toolbox talks.


  • Risk Management Carry out risk assessments and evaluate how risks could be reduced.
  • Over-inspections on site staff risk assessments to ensure quality thereof and close any identified gaps.
  • Involvement in all high-risk work activities to ensure compliance.


Client management Keep abreast of all Client requirements.


  • Respond timeously to Client requests.


Safe working procedures


  • Drafting and review of Safe Operating Procedures, making sure they are developed from an up-front risk assessment.


Site Inspections


  • Regular site inspections are conducted to see those policies, procedures and the SHE systems are being properly implemented.
  • Regular site inspections to identify any unsafe conditions or behaviour.
  • Have inspection target for all site staff and hold them to account.


Administrative functions


  • Statistics and SHE reports are accurately captured and reported weekly to the site and to SHE Manager.
  • Liaison with client on site reference documentation standards.
  • Ensure that a filing system is kept as per our minimum standards.
  • Ensure that reporting to the client on site is accurate and correct.
  • Ensure that all equipment and tool registers are kept up to date and checked.




  • Keeping records of inspection findings and action solutions.
  • Maintain an event register of incidents and accidents.


Incident Investigations


  • Lead and direct all incident investigations, driving actions and outcomes through to final completion and closure.
  • Perform ICAM and Root Cause Analysis.
  • Correct reporting channels are followed on site as well as to Head Office Support functions.
  • Investigations and associated reports are timeously completed.
  • Follow up on corrective actions to be implemented.
  • Liaise closely with clients throughout the accident investigations.


Emergency Preparedness


  • Ensure there is an emergency preparedness procedure for the site.
  • Conduct regular risk-based emergency preparedness drills, documenting findings and implementing improvements.


Site safety Audits


  • Establish an internal and external audit plan.
  • Conduct audits in line with procedures.


Occupational Hygiene


  • Ensure site policies and procedures are being adhered to.
  • Identify needs for hygiene assessment and monitoring programmes.
  • Develop, implement strategies to reduce exposure to communicable diseases and Hazardous biological agents



Qualifications Minimum


  • Matric, Grade 12
  • Relevant Samtrack / Nebosh Certificate
  • +-3 years experience in SHE field.




  • Diploma in SHEQ Management / International Nebosh diploma.
  • ISO 9001.
  • Risk Management
  • Train the trainer ( Facilitation ).
  • Legal liability training.
  • COIDA Management.
  • Health and Safety legislation in the work place Training
  • Incident / Accident investigation and emergency planning training.
  • Applying SHE principles and procedures training.


Experience Minimum


  • 3 years SHE experience in the construction / Operation and maintenance.




  • Site supervision.
  • Contractors Management Training.


Knowledge and Skills SHEQ Identification


  • Identifying a Risk and Hazard and knowing potential controls.


SHEQ Management / Skills


  • Review and comprehend legislation.
  • Recognise potential hazards and quickly determine how to best solve observed problems.
  • Monitor the work Environment.
  • Administer all legal files and documents.
  • Good judgement and make timely decisions.
  • Accurately analyse quality and adherence of the SHEQ system.
  • Expertise in maintaining all safety measures and norms effectively.
  • Use effective strategies to minimize risks.
  • Communication Skills to all levels of the work force.
  • Contractor management.



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