Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) Admission News and updates

The Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU)

It is a body corporate mandated to recognize, approve, register and accredit Universities operating in Tanzania, and local or foreign University level programs being offered by registered higher education institutions.

TCU also coordinates the proper functioning of all university institutions in Tanzania so as to foster a harmonized higher education system in the country. In order to ensure that such a harmonious higher education system does not compromise institutional peculiarities and autonomy, each University has the legal right to operate under its own charter.

Here you can find the most important information from TCU on university, admission, application deadlines, guidebooks etc..

You can find out everything you need to know via the following links below



  • Undergraduate admission procedures
  • Undergraduate student transfer procedures
  • Undergraduate entry pathways
  • No objection certification
  • Admissions guidebooks
  • Admissions almanac
  • The higher education statistics
  • Accredited universities in tanzania
  • Evaluation of foreign awards
  • Some of recognised foreign universities
  • Profiles of recognised universities in tanzania
  • Universities information management system (uims)
  • Programme management system (pms)
  • Foreign awards assessment system(faas)
  • Accreditation of university institution
  • Accreditation of academic programmes
  • Standards and guidelines
  • List of accredited universities in tanzania
  • Academic programmes offered in tanzania
  • Verification of foreign awards

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  1. Robert Makwaya says:

    How can i confirm?


    where have i been selected?

  3. hamida athumani nzobe says:

    i don’t see my confirmation code send to me pleas

    • Lodrick Kasunga says:

      You have to click the place wher they write click to get your code if your not get. Then they will send your code to your email

  4. Amina s pinda says:

    Where have I been selected and I don’t see any confirmation codes please let me know as soon as possible

  5. Suzan Emmanuel says:

    Where have I selected in this second round selection and o didn’t get any notification till now?

  6. Thabiti says:

    How can I confirm

  7. Alfa Haule says:

    Hellow i have a question,the third door of application 2020/2021 will be opened??

  8. Goodluck Melson says:

    The confirmation code you sent to me when i confirm it say’s invalid code and the dead line is 15/11/2020 help please

  9. Ally Mussa says:

    Hellow i have a question.,the fourth door of application 2020/2021 will be opened.???? Please save us as a parent or guardians…

  10. Raymond D. Busanya says:

    In fact, I am saddened to see people who have studied in technical schools such as bwiru boys, musoma tech and smoke tech who are currently unable to apply for science courses that specialize in physics. I have studied engineering science and other science subjects but today you have set the standard for physics you have removed the engraving science which basically has the same things as physics in fact it really hurts us. I applied for a nursing degree last year (I currently have a nursing diploma) but was rejected because of physics.
    Please I beg you to recognize engineering science as similar to physics, in this process of not recognizing engineering science is to see us progress, we beg you to recognize us and give us a chance to develop ourselves like other people.
    Thank you.

  11. Saidi kibao viane says:

    when will be opened

  12. Victoria Bashaula says:

    I don’t see where I have been selected ,I don’t know even where I can find the information

  13. Ticious says:

    Where did me selected also plz can help me.

  14. Charles kawana says:

    i’m asking for confimation code

  15. Rhoda Joseph Amandusi says:

    I Rhoda Joseph Amandusi where is my second selection result is

  16. Eve Lourence says:

    I have not get my confirmation code what can I do?cause I have been selected multiple selection

  17. feisal salum kindokomile says:

    i have not been sent my confirmations codes

  18. Meng George says:

    Am George mengi I need to know if TCU will provide last chance for application to undergraduated students who did not selected in third door

  19. Omary Salimu says:

    it is there fourthly application?

  20. Omary Salimu says:

    students sellected courses that they do not need,they allow to change before starting university,and if they allow how to doing so?

  21. Lucia says:

    When are the third round selection results going to be out?

  22. Vanessa Charles says:

    For the ones requesting for transfer…how long will it take for you to kindly consider and approve our request on this matter because currently my universities are opening and we are still on the edge.


    Are there sponsors for Masters studies through TCU or other way round?

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