List of approved and accredited institutions by TCU 2019/20

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Tanzania Commission for Universities List of University Institutions in Tanzania 

The Commission is mandated to recognise, approve, register and accredit universities and university-level programmes in Tanzania, and to coordinate ‘the proper functioning of all university institutions in Tanzania so as to foster a harmonized higher education system in the country’.

University Institutions operating in Tanzania
Accreditation is a process of validation in which Colleges, Universities and other institutions of higher learning are evaluated. In Tanzania accreditation means an institution has met or exceeded minimum standards of quality. For any institution to be accredited the Commission must be satisfied that the institution concerned has adequate physical, human and financial resources, viable academic programme and sound structure of governance.

According to the Universities Act, Cap. 346, the Commission is mandated to recognize and register all University institutions operating in Tanzania. Todate the Commission has registered 49 university institutions. To view the list click here.

  • Accreditation of Universities is done in two stages namely; Proviisional Licence and Certificate of Accreditation; The process also involves Chattering which is granted by the President as evidence that the University meets the requirements and standards of academic excellence set by the Commission.
  • A Provisional Licence is a preparatory stage for issuance of Certificate of Accreditation. At this stage the institution is required to develop physical infrastructure, prepare administrative and academic policies, develop curriculum, establish governance structure and employ academic staff. An institution holding a Provisional Licence is not allowed to admit students. An institution holding Certificate of Accreditation has full autonomy in the administration of its academic affairs and can confer awards in its name.
    However, before 2013 the process of accreditation of institutions included the third stage which is Certificate of Full Registration (CFR). A holder of CFR has well developed internal quality assurance system hence is allowed to admit students.

List of Approved University Institutions in Tanzania as of 4th February, 2019

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  1. Seleman Obonyo

    My question is to know if Virtual University of Uganda (VUU) in the Republic of Uganda is accredited by Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) for online masters degrees it provides.

    1. William Mdemu

      I am asking if, Trent university of Canada is accredited by Tanzania commission for university for a bachelor degree it offers.


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