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List of Medical Schools in Tanzania (Accredited) [2019]

Without a doubt, one of the most prestigious disciplines of all time is medicine. No cajoling, parents have a certain pride when they speak about their children who are doctors or presently studying in medical school. This reason alone makes the study of medicine hot cake in almost every country in the world.

Asides the pride that comes with the study of medicine, a lot of people chase after the discipline because they have a passion for saving lives. My guess is you sought out this article so you can know about the different medical schools in Tanzania.
Before we go ahead to the list of accredited medical schools in Tanzania, let’s first discuss what a medical school is. According to Wikipedia, a medical school is a tertiary institution or college in a tertiary institution where medicine is studied. The institution awards degrees to physicians and surgeons.

For each of the medical schools on this list to operate and award degrees in Tanzania, they must be accredited. The body in charge of accreditation of Medical Schools in Tanzania is the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) This body is under the administration of the Ministry of Education in Tanzania. For any medical school to be accredited by the board certain criteria must be satisfied.

List of Medical Schools (Doctor of medicine) in Tanzania (Accredited) [2019]

  1. Muhimbili University of Health &Allied Sciences
  2. University of Dodoma
  3. Catholic University of Health and Allied Sciences
  4. Hubert Kairuki Memorial University (HKMU), Dar es Salaam
  5. Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College (KCMU College), Kilimanjaro
  6. St. Joseph College of Health Sciences (SJCHS), Dar es Salaam
  7. State University of Zanzibar (SUZA), Zanzibar

Minimum entry requirements for Medical Schools in Tanzania (Doctor of medicine)

Three principal passes in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology with minimum entry of 8 points. Whereby one
must have at least C grade in Chemistry and Biology and at least D grade in Physics.

Extra notes

Just like in every country in the world, each of these medical schools has their basic minimum entry requirements. To find out about the requirements for each school, simply visit their official website to check them out. Another thing to note is that to study medicine and surgery you will undergo training for a period of 6 years. Upon graduation, the students are registered with the Medical Council of Tanganyika.

In conclusion, that is all the information you need about the Accredited Medical Schools in Tanzania. So, if you have a desire to study medicine in Tanzania, you can pick any school from the above list and apply today.

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