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Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) through the Universities Act, Cap 346 of the Laws of Tanzania is mandated to ensure that all programmes offered in the Universities are validated and meets the required standards. Any university institution wishing to develop a new curriculum or revise a curriculum, must submit to TCU for validation and approval through PMS.

PMS is an online system designed to provide a facility for Universities to submit their curricula to TCU. It is helps to avoid the back and forth of the programme re-submission which can delay the processing time. It also work as a database of approved curricula for both University Institutions and TCU and sets the basis for standard curriculum among them.

The system is flexible enough to enable various key stakeholders to provide comments in respect of the new developed programmes; e.g professional bodies and peer reviewers.

Higher Education stakeholders can also search various programmes that are offered in the universities and therefore not to enrol into programmes which are not in the list of approved curricula. TCU will not be responsible for any person who has decided to enrol to the programmes which are not in the list and such award will not be recognized.

PMS Users (Universities, Peer Reviewers and Professional Bodies)  are required to login to the system by using their credentials (username & password),these credentials are provided by TCU.

To view the curriculum submission format click here.



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