Verification of foreign awards-TCU

Recognition and equation of foreign qualifications

The Commission Approve relevant examination regulations and determine the equivalence and hence recognize awards given by University Education Institutions inside and outside Tanzania. TCU designed an online system specific for evaluating foreign awards. The system is known as Foreign Awards Assessment System (FAAS).  Applicants whose awards have been conferred by University Institutions outside Tanzania will have to make an online application for their foreign awards to be assessed. The assessment process takes into account citizens and non-citizens who hold foreign awards from University Institutions elsewhere in the world. TCU’s evaluation is based on structural comparison, analysis of the curricula and assessment of learning outcomes. TCU recognizes the foreign awards qualifications by equating them to similar awards as per the Tanzanian University Qualifications Framework (UQF).

A foreign Award is an Award which has been confered by an Award body outside Tanzania. Assesment of Award is the process of verifying that an Award attesting to the knowlege, skills, competencies and education obtained in another country is comparable to the standard established for Tanzania Award.

 Procedure for the application and recognition of Foreign Award click here

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