Technical and Capital Officer at Barrick North Mara Gold Mine

by Udahiliportaldaily

North Mara Gold Mine Limited is seeking to recruit a Technical and Capital Officer to
join and grow their team. You will be expected to align to the Barrick DNA and to
operate within our mining assets with our best people teams. You will contribute in a
safe and cost-effective manner to achieve targets in accordance with Mine Safety
Standards, Policies and Procedures and ensure daily targets are met.

About North Mara

The North Mara gold Mine is located in north-west Tanzania in the Tarime district of the
Mara region. It is around 100 kilometres east of Lake Victoria and 20 kilometres south of
the Kenyan border.
North Mara started commercial production in 2002. The mine is a combined open pit
and underground operation from two deposits, Gokona (underground) and Nyabirama
(open pit).


  • Develop and manage demand plan for capital material and equipment requirement, in
    collaboration with the capital team by project.
  • Evaluate all once off engineering/capital item RFQs to ensure that there is no similar
    item and to establish if it should be a stock item.
  • Evaluate RFQs raised by end users for once off items and identify source.
  • Interact with potential suppliers to correctly specify the item and finalize the item
    specification through and iterative process with the supplier/s.
  • Document all necessary information (refer to item creation Procedure) that will clearly
    define the specification for the buying house with the recommended supplier.
  • Ensure the appropriate evaluation of a new supplier has taken place prior placing the
    RFQ with the Supply Partner.
  • Expedite all non-stock technical items and ensure appropriate quality control.
  • Undertake review role for all changes proposed to existing stock items or new items by
    end users to ensure that there is a cost benefit and that there is a phase out plan.
  • On receipt of once off engineering/capital items ensure that the item complies with
    specification and release for to the end user.
  • Investigate all non-conformances relating to Engineering and Capital items (whether
    stock or once off), and ensure corrective action is taken to Barrick standard.
  • Maintain all information related to the non-stock items on the ERP system.
  • Advise on proper long-term maintenance procedures for technical stock items.
  • Audit items in capital yard.
  • Ensure quality control is applied for all items when purchased by purchasing section.
  • All critical, strategic and insurance items to be identified and physically checked that it
    complies and is operational and stored correctly in the warehouse.
  • Monitor the daily site clarifications with the buyers.
  • Assist all Engineering staff on spares issues from Supply Chain.
  • Check all new items arriving and make a mental note on critical spares arrived.
  • Check the 0 in stock items and push the buyers and inventory for order and ensure the
    list is priori expedited to site.
  • Address discrepancy in time with supplier partners.
  • As part of MRP analysis comity, to ensure the weekly MRP review is examined together
    with MRM specialist, Inventory control, Senior buyer and Demand and Supply Manager,
    in guidance with needful comments.
  • Custodian of master data clean-up with supporting documents as Change control form,
    for OEM or Approved suppliers Part number, Description, UOM, long text.
  • Active Participation in weekly and monthly demand planning meeting with demand plan
  • Keep equipment and spares to Barrick’s standard.

Qualification requirements

  • A degree in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent relevant trade qualification from a
    recognized institution.
  • A Mechanical Trade Certification is highly desired.
  • JOB TITLE: Technical and Capital Officer

Experience and competencies needed

  • Qualified artisan with at least 10 years’ experience in a mining or related environment.
  • Good interpersonal skills.
  • Demonstrate the ability to read and interpret engineering drawings.
  • Ability to prioritize work on own initiative.
  • Networking skills.
  • Understanding of maintenance management systems.
  • Able to identify which items is critical and should be-kept by using his technical
  • Technical knowledge of process plant equipment, U/G mining equipment and HME
    mobile equipment.
  •  Technical qualifications in mechanical and electrical fields and have to have a few years
    working experience in Goldmines.


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