TOR: Creative Agency COVID Campaign at Girl Effect

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TOR: Creative Agency COVID Campaign (Tanzania)


September 2021

Who We Are

Girl Effect is an international non-profit that builds media that girls want, trust and need.

From chatbots to chat shows and TV dramas to tech, our content helps adolescent girls in Africa and Asia make choices and changes in their lives, igniting their confidence to act differently at a time that can define their future.

We create safe spaces for girls, sharing facts, and answering questions about health, nutrition, education, relationships, and so much more. To arm girls with the skills to negotiate and redefine what they are told is possible “for a girl”.

Our reach is 20 million and counting. And we’re using technology to reach girls at scale so every girl can choose to be in control of her body, her health, her learning and her livelihood.

Because when a girl unlocks her power to make different choices that change her life, it inspires others to do so. She starts a ripple effect that impacts her family, her community, her country.

That’s the Girl Effect.

Context of Assignment


  • Tanzania finds itself in a unique context with regards to the COVID 19 pandemic.
  • As the 3rd wave continues to spread, the government has consolidated an effort to battle the spread of the virus – encouraging Tanzanians to practise preventive measures and take the vaccine, emphasising the latter.
  • However, uptake of the vaccine has been low, with only about 30% of the vaccines administered as of 1st September. More worryingly, only 30% of those vaccinated are women. This low uptake has been partly due to the general spread of misinformation about the virus, causing vaccine hesitancy.
  • We want to commission a creative agency to develop a campaign that complements the government’s ongoing Ujanja ni Kuchanja campaign and empower our audience with the following information;


Getting a COVID 19 vaccine is a critical way to protect yourself from getting sick.

Getting a COVID 19 vaccine is a critical way to avoid going to the hospital for medical care.

Getting a COVID 19 vaccine is an essential step to protecting your loved ones from sickness.


The creative agency will work with us to create;

Batch 1


Three 2 min videos, each featuring an influencer and health expert talking about vaccine benefits, busting myths and encouraging other Tanzanians to get the shot. These will be edited to;

  • One 60 sec mashup of all 3 videos.
  • 30 sec cut down of each video.
  • 15-sec snippet of each video focusing solely on one vaccine benefit takeaway message.
  • 10 x 15 – 30 sec Vox Pop videos. Masanja is a local comedian known for doing these kinds of videos.


Batch 2


  • 10 x Static posts with information on; how to get the vaccine, outcome expectation, information snippets on vaccine efficacy and safety.
  • 2 x Health expert live Q&As – using IG stories (myth-busting and information sharing).
  • 10 x Mythbusting memes.


Batch 3


  • Develop a simple design language for the Ujanja ni Kuchanja campaign: logo, fonts, and an essential style guide.
  • Develop short audio mnemonic to build familiarity with the campaign and to accompany the campaign creatives.


What you’ll do:


  • Ensure the Tujibebe images appeals to its young audience and attracts new listeners to both the drama, cementing a trusted relationship with its audience
  • Prepare a brief entailing the creative approach and production timeline.
  • Work closely with the Senior Brand & Content Lead and Digital and Social Content Producer in bringing the creative direction to life.
  • Immediately report any editorial or safeguarding concerns to the Girl Effect Content Director or Country Lead.
  • The creative agency will report to the Senior Brand & Content Lead at Girl Effect Tanzania.


Who you are


  • You’ll have a well-built portfolio of work spanning TV, Radio and social media. Any SBCC work is an added plus.
  • Experience in working with young adults and understanding of policies involved when working with minors.
  • Experience in creating health-related content.
  • Experience working with the development sector.
  • Understanding of different video formats and what works for every format
  • Experience developing creative productions for brands
  • A production agency that is passionate about telling stories through visuals. (Photo stories and innovative video formats)


Expected commitment:

Four weeks (from mid/end-Sept 2021 – End Oct 2021)



  • Terms of reference published: Wednesday 15th September
  • Deadline for responses: Tuesday 21st September
  • Supplier selection, contracting and briefing: w/c 21st September
  • w/c 27th Sept – Onboarding & Creative briefing
  • w/c 27th Sept – Finalize concepts & Production plan
  • w/c 4th Oct -Record batch 1 &2. Deliver batch 3.
  • w/c 11th Oct – Submit batch 2.
  • w/c 18th Oct – Submit batch 1.


Proposal submission

Qualified individuals are invited to submit a short proposal (max 5 pages) that include the following:


  • Portfolio of work. Be sure to include work across TV, Radio and social media. SBCC content is preferred but not essential.


Qualification and experience of firm/individual


  • Approach for undertaking this Assignment underpinned by a demonstration of value for money
  • Previous experience in similar assignment(s) in line with the ‘Who You Are’ section above (relevant case studies/creds deck/campaigns)


Work plan.


  • Details of 3 contactable references
  • Financial budget in TSH N.B. The technical and financial proposals will need to be submitted as separate documents.
  • Evaluation Criteria


The criteria against which proposals will be evaluated are listed below:


  • Demonstrates relevant experience creating content across TV, Radio and social media (30 points)
  • Team composition, structure and experience as demonstrated by their CV/bios (10 points)
  • Demonstrate relevant experience working with youth adults and government agencies. (10 points)
  • Demonstrates relevant experience in creating health-related content. (10 points)
  • Evidence of a minimum of three contactable references (10 points)
  • Comprehensive and competitive financial proposal (30 points)
  • GE is not liable for any cost incurred during the award/contract preparation, submission, or negotiation of the award/contract. All submitted documentation and/or materials shall become and remain the property of GE.



The consultant will report to Girl Effect’s Senior Brand and Content Lead.


Applicants are advised to ensure that they clearly understand their tax position regarding the Tanzania jurisdiction tax legislation provisions when developing their proposals.


GE reserves the right to determine the structure of the process, number of short-listed participants, the right to withdraw from the proposal process, the right to change this timetable at any time without notice and reserves the right to withdraw this tender at any time, without prior notice and without liability to compensate and/or reimburse any party. GE shall inform the ONLY successful applicant(s). The process of negotiation and signing of the contract with the successful applicant(s) will follow.


You may be required to undertake safeguarding checks. Shortlisted consultants will be assessed on our organisational values at the interview stage. The successful consultant will be expected to adhere to our safeguarding policy. We encourage you to read and understand our safeguarding policy, the executive summary of which can be found at We have zero-tolerance for all forms of violence against children, beneficiaries and staff.

Equal Opportunities

Girl Effect is committed to equal opportunity regardless of race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability, gender, gender identity or expression. We are proud to be an equal opportunity workplace.

We are committed to building an organization that is increasingly representative of, and works extensively with, the communities that we serve. To this end, due regard will be paid to procuring consultancy service organizations and individuals with diverse professional, academic and cultural backgrounds.**

How to Apply

To apply for this opportunity, please submit a proposal by email with the subject line “GE COVID CAMPAIGN” to by COB September 21st 2021

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