UNEB UCE Results 2017/2018 are out Check online Now

By | January 29, 2018

Honourable Minister of Education and Sports, with pleasure, the Uganda National Examinations Board presents to you Results for the year 2017 Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) Examination for release to the public, in accordance with Section 4(2) of the UNEB Act, Cap 137, Laws of Uganda.
Candidates, their parents and any other person wishing to access results may do so through their mobile phones. Go to the ‘Message’menu and type UCE, leave space, then type the correct index number of the candidate; e.g. U0001/001. Send to 6600 on the MTN, WARID, AIRTEL and ORANGE networks.
It should be noted that results obtained by this method are for notification only, and cannot be tendered as official. Result slips and certificates remain the only authentic proof of performance, and candidates should collect these from their schools where they registered.
At the request of school heads, UNEB has not put on the SMS the results of those candidates who were allowed to sit the examination without paying fees and have not paid to date

CheCk the results now

Here’s how to check your result via SMS:
UNEB SMS service for examination registration and results information.
Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) has introduced an easy and hassle-free SMS service that will make it possible for candidates to check and confirm their registration and access their results as soon as they are officially released by the Ministry of Education and Sports.
To access the service, a user should simply send an SMS from a mobile phone to code number 6600. To construct a valid SMS, users should enter a prescribed keyword followed by their index number and send the SMS to 6600. The user should then receive his/her examination results or registration details instantly. Each SMS sent to 6600 is charged Shs 500, therefore, users must ensure that they have enough credit on their phones. The SMS service is voluntary.
The detailed instructions and examples are given in the following table.

EXAM SMS Construction and Examples Results enquiry SMS Registration enquiry SMS
PLE PLE space Index number e.g. PLE 002222/010 REG7 space Index number e.g. REG7 002222/010
UCE UCE space Index number e.g. UCE U0010/097 REG4 space Index number e.g. REG4 U0010/097
UACE UACE space Index number e.g. UACE U0221/509 REG6 space Index number e.g. REG6 U0221/509
TECHNICAL TECH space Index number e.g. TECH UT013/0022 REGT space Index number e.g. REGT UT013/0022
UJTC UJTC space Index number e.g. UJTC UT011/006 REGJ space Index number e.g. REGJ UT011/006
BUSINESS SINGLE & GROUP BSG space Index number e.g. BSG UB003/010 REGS space Index number e.g. REGS UB003/010
BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL BPR space Index number e.g. BPR UB073/029 REGP space Index number e.g. REGP UB073/029
CPCE (Business) CPB space Index number e.g. CPB UB109/020 RCPE space Index number e.g. RCPE UB109/020
CPCE (Technical) CPT space Index number e.g. CPT UT142/020 RCPT space Index number e.g. RCPT UT142/020

Each SMS response message will contain information pertaining to only one candidate. Initially the service will be available on MTN, ZAIN and UTL networks but arrangements are underway to have the service across all mobile network operators.
For each examination (PLE, UCE, UACE and Business and Technical), only the most recently released results will be available for access by this method. Results will be available for ten months from the date of their release. UNEB will be announcing the dates for verifying examination registration. Further information about this service can be obtained from our website www.uneb.ac.ug
The SMS service is complementary to the existing service delivery methods and is not intended to replace existing procedures and practices. UNEB will continue to issue printed registers and results to examination centres.
Results sent on mobile phones are for quick information purposes. Result slips and certificates will continue to be the only official proof and evidence of performance in the UNEB examinations.

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