Form one selection 2023 Geita region

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The TAMISEMI via Geita regional office website is about to officially release the Form one selection 2023 list for Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) candidates seeking admission into Government secondary school for the 2022/2023 academic year in Geita.


The form one selection 2023 Geita list contains names of all selected Standard Seven – Primary School Leavers, allocated schools for Geita region.


Once the Form one selection 2023 for Geita secondary schools is revealed, prospective form one student who passed the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) will be able to check their selection details online through Geita regional council official website: or through the NECTA websites:


Check and Download Form one selection 2023 Geita: Full List of form one selected students – selection za kidato cha kwanza 2023 for Geita public secondary schools through the links below


Form one selection 2022 Geita

Check Form one selection 2023 from other regions

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About Geita region

The Geita Regional was established under section 6 of the Regions and Districts (Establishment order Procedure) Act, Cap 397, RE 2012. The President’s order of establishing Geita Region was advertised to the public by Government Gazette notice No. 72 of 2nd March 2012. The town of Geita is the Capital.


The Region was established from parts of Shinyanga, Kagera, and Mwanza Regions and is administratively divided into five Districts of Geita, Bukombe, Chato, Mbogwe, and Nyang’hwale. The Region consists of 6 councils such as Geita Town, Geita, Bukombe, Chato, Mbogwe, and Nyang’hwale. The Region is made up of 21 divisions, 125 wards, 474 Villages, and 65 sub-villages/ mitaas.


According to the 2012 National Population and Housing Census, the Regional Total Population of 1,739,530 people of which 861,055 were males and 878,475 were females. The Region lies between latitude 2° 8´and 3° 28’ south of the equator and longitude 31° 15’ -32° 40’ East of Greenwich.


The Region is 1,100 to 1,300 meters above sea level and shares borders with Kagera to the West and North, while to the South and South Eastern parts border Shinyanga Region and Mwanza Region to the North.


Download all regions Form one joining instructions 2023 through the links below

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