WASH Consultancy (Hydraulic Design) in Nyarugusu Refugee Camp in North Western Tanzania – Tanzania

By | March 20, 2018

Title: WASH Consultant (Hydraulic Design) –Nyarugusu Refugee Camp
Date; March 9, 2018
Closing Date; March 21st, 2018
Nyagurusu camp was established by the Ministry of Home Affairs in collaboration with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) and currently hosts 153,659 refugees and asylum seekers comprising 86,520 Congolese and 67,139 Burundians. Following the recent fighting in Congo early this year, the camp has seen an influx of asylum seekers leading to a strain in the existing WASH resources in the camp.
The water supply network (pipelines and water storage base) at the Congolese side in Nyarugusu is an old system which was established for emergency in 1996 without proper design. The base accommodates 14 tanks among which some are old and in a state which once dissembled cannot be assembled again. The tanks are placed on raised and scattered soil(marrum) platforms, however, they seem not to provide sufficient head as a result whereby taps in the periphery of the camp don’t have sufficient flow. The taps are either running dry most of the time or water flows at a very low pressure. The pipe network was initially designed to serve only 50,000 people but its  currently serving a bigger population than its capacity, while some places have no adequate tap coverage such that people walk long distance to access water with congestion at water collection points being experienced. Apart from the main water base there are other water storage tanks at different location as well depending on geographical location and demands.
1.    NRC Tanzania is seeking Expression of Interest (EOI) for upgrade the entire water supply network (pipelines and water storage base) entailing centralizing water storage tanks for easy management, raising higher the platforms and changing some pipelines (re-alignment of the pipeline) to be able to supply water to the periphery of the camp with the flows and pressures required, from Engineering consulting firms with the required expertise and experience.
2.    The task of the Consultant will comprise (Expected delivery); Analysis of the hydrological and hydrogeological characteristics/potential of the catchment area in order to project the maximum capacity of the nearby surface water and groundwater. Development of a hydraulic model of the water supply network using EPANET or similar analytical software, utilizing data updated and verified in the field by the Consultant. Assessment report of the water supply system in the Congolese side of the camp with detailed recommendations and specifications. Detailed design drawings, BOQ (with clear materials list), and technical specifications and prepare the tender documents.
3.    Experienced, reputable Engineering consulting firms are encouraged to apply and should provide specialized multi-disciplinary professional services in the following fields: surveying, quantity surveying/ cost estimating, water supply engineering and geographical information system GIS/mapping water and wastewater engineering, safety & security design in order to achieve the required United Republic of Tanzania standards and requirements of NRC and its donor, the DFID.
4.    NRC reserves the right to change or cancel this request at any time. It should be noted that by submitting a reply to this EOI does not automatically guarantee or obligate NRC to invite any particular company to participate in the subsequent bidding process. Only those prospective companies that are deemed qualified by NRC upon completion of an objective evaluation of their submission to the EOI will be invited to participate in any subsequent tender exercise.
The eligible Engineering consulting firm should:
1.    Have a minimum of five (5) years of proven experience in urban or peri-urban water supply and infrastructure projects in developing countries and with proven field experience. Senior manager who will play a leading role in this project should have at least 10 years’ relevant experience.
2.    Have a physical business presence in Tanzania, and experience and resources to provide services in rural locations like those found in Nyarugusu- Kasulu District.
3.    Have completed a minimum of two (2) similar project appointments for design and construction administration in Tanzania and specifically in urban or rural locations.
4.     Key personnel should include persons with university qualifications in water supply engineering, and Geographical Information Systems (GIS)/mapping, surveying, and quantity surveying.
5.    The key engineering personnel must be duly registered Professional/Consulting Engineers
6.    The company should own or have access to surveying equipment including Total Station, or GPS and all other equipment and software necessary for the works
7.    Knowledge of modelling, analysis, design and technical specifications for urban water supply systems and equipment.
8.    Experience in INGO WASH programming environments will have an added value.
Service Provider information should thus include (at minimum)
1.    Legal Company name and contact information.
2.    General Corporate overview / Company Profile: including history, organizational structure, operating areas, and relevant experience in similar projects with CVs of key personnel and equipment.
3.    Legal documents (relevant company registration(s) and business licenses)
4.    Client contact details (name, title, email and telephone number) for the two or more reference projects (as noted under ‘3’ above)
Interested and suitable companies are invited to submit the documents listed above by email to tz.procurement@nrc.no with a subject line of “EOI for WASH Consultant”; or to the physical address of NRC Tanzania, nane nane street, behind Mashaka filling Station PO Box 66, Kibondo, Kigoma, Tanzania, prior to the closing date of March 21st, 2018

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