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Hello to all those who have been asking us to create a WhatsApp group for this website. Good news to you…

We have created BM OPPORTUNITIES WhatsApp Group to enable you to receive and share our updates instantly, transforming information, networking, raise a question and activities which will be helpful for all of us.
24/7 Detailed support & assistance on how to apply for jobs , admissions, higher education loans, drafting CV, cover letters , will be provided instantly to all members .

Dear future member, please read the page very carefully. In order to be a member of our group, you need to agree to all the terms mentioned below. At the bottom of this page, you will find the link on which you have to join on the group directly or send a WhatsApp message. Failing to comply with any of the terms mentioned below will result in instant expulsion from the group without any explanation offered. Thanks!

Terms & Conditions to Join Bango magazine Group

The primary reason for this group should be for sharing Jobs , academic, public notices, Scholarships Opportunities ,news and events to the group members.

  • You cannot: post images, post WhatsApp spins, post irrelevant web links, post group invites, post promotional stuff
  • You can: Raise a question, answer questions, raise a point related to jobs , education updates we sent, and socialize with other members
  • Media Files etc: We don’t allow other group invites, irrelevant website links, promotional stuff (Promoting your content on our groups), images or videos or any other media files in the group. However, in necessary conditions, such as when demanded by the group admins or it’s an extreme necessity to prove any argument, related items might be allowed.
  • No Personal Chat: It’s not a personal chat room! We have a separate group for our members where they can get to know each other, discuss what they are doing, where they study or teach etc. which will allow them to socialize.
  • Raising Questions: A member can raise any question related to jobs, academic updates etc. Questions can be raised anytime and any day
  • Answering Questions: Any member can answer a question asked by someone in the group.
  • Sharing and fowarding All bango magazine information is required and allowed.
  • No forwarded messages – this is not junk group to receiving irrelevant forwarded messages.
  • No selling or fundraising allowed.
  • If anyone ask / requesting something which is irrelevant to our group by post, you can reply them directly by Private Message.
  • No rights to change group name and group icon.
  • Those who are not interested in bango magazine and not ready to accept our group rules are free to leave.

Request to follow our rules strictly, if not we will remove without any notice.

Personal Data: Since we are looking up to be the best possible bango magazine group available on WhatsApp, we also have to withhold that the members who are associated with the group should be comfortable about their personal data. Therefore, we are very strict about the unfair use of a member’s profile image or mobile number. We expect that the members who join us will take care of this.

Privacy: We respect the privacy of our members. Those who are in the group must not indulge in personal chat with a member if he or she does not provide their consent for the same in the group. Any member can reach us immediately if there is such a case. We will expunge the membership of any member who is found guilty of doing this.

Note: those posting irrelevant posts to BM opportunities group will be removed without notice. Subjects such as politics, advertisements, and any discussion unrelated to Academic, jobs and other opportunities are unacceptable.

If you would like to receive daily updates from us, then all you need to do is to join on our groups below

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