Hubert Kairuki Memorial University HKMU Admissions 2019/ 2020

Hubert Kairuki Memorial University HKMU Admissions 2019/ 2020

Applicants are required to apply directly to the University through an online application portal available at: with a non-refundable application fee, deposit receipt made to the University’ account.

  • Students should indicate the school/department of their choice and the duration of their intended stay as per the application form
  • Students must stay for the whole period of studies
  • No remuneration or financial aid for students is available except for those coming under an exchange programme
  • A student will be discontinued on any serious breach of University regulations or irregular attendance.

Students can only be registered after paying the required fees.The deadline for registration for all students will be a month from the opening of the University. A student who fails to register at the beginning of the semester in the time will lose the right to register for that semester.

Documents required for Registration

  • Evidence of payment of fees
  • Medical Examination Report
  • Original certificates and transcripts (Form four & six)
  • Original admission letter
  • 6 Photographs (4 passport size and 2 stamp size photographs)
  • Passport if the applicant is a foreign student and other documents relevant to the processing of residence permits
  • Birth certificate.




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