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Ardhi University (ARU) is a public university in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. It was established 28 March 2007, though it has been offering training for more than 60 years in different status. It is situated on Observation Hill close to University of Dar es Salaam, in which it was a constituent college from 1996-2007, when it was known as University College of Lands and Architectural Studies—UCLAS. Prior being part of University of Dar es Salaam, Ardhi University was known as Ardhi Institute with history extending to mid-1950s.

Today, academic activities at the university are generated in six schools as follows:

1. School of Architecture and Design

2. School of Construction Economics and Management

3. School of Geo spatial Sciences and Technology

4. School of Real Estates Studies

5. School of Urban and Regional Planning

6. School of Environmental Sciences and Technology

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