The cardinal principle of BRD taking over the management function of the student loans and bursaries is to bring in efficiency in the management of disbursement and recoveries with a focus to attaining long term financial self-sustainability. The Government will provide the funding until the loan scheme can sustain itself in the long run; expected to be in ten years’ time.

The agreement between the Ministry of Education and BRD set key functions as follows;

  • Efficient management of disbursements and recoveries
  • Establishment of education savings scheme
  • Education investment

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A summary of BRD/MINEDUC Agreement:

  • The Ministry of Education (MINEDUC) and the Development Bank of Rwanda (BRD) signed an agreement concerning the management of student loans and recovery on 15th October 2016.
  • According to the terms of agreement, BRD officially takes over the responsibility of disbursing and recovering student loans and bursaries; and MINEDUC will continue to select loan beneficiaries.
  • The 10-year agreement entails that both parties will comply with Laws and regulations governing loans and bursaries granted to students and new mechanism of tertiary education financing as approved by Cabinet in its session of 14/04/2015.
  • Both parties will also ensure transparency, objectivity, and efficiency in handling student loan and bursary matters and carry out an effective public awareness campaign. New mechanisms will also be put in place, leading to self-sustainability of the scheme within a period of ten years.
  • BRD will provide loans to students on time as opposed to the delays that have been occurring under the Rwanda Education Board (REB). The Bank will transfer student loans and bursaries directly to the beneficiaries’ accounts hence easing quick access.
  • It is envisaged that the agreement would also significantly strengthen the process on loan recoveries in the next ten years.
  • MINEDUC will provide policies guiding the tertiary education financing scheme, establish the list of student loan and/or bursary beneficiaries, amount payable for tuition fees depending on invoices from higher learning institutions, provide to BRD all files and data on loan and bursary beneficiaries existing in the Rwanda Education Board, among other tasks to make the new scheme run smoothly.

Quick facts:

  • BRD started the management of disbursements on 1st January 2016
  • BRD started the recovery function on 15th January 2016.
  • BRD effectively started the disbursements of student loans through the student’s bank accounts indicated on their signed contracts.
  • All students from first year up to those in their final year who are eligible for the Government of Rwanda loan schemes signed student loan contracts.
  • All students from first year up to those in their final year who are eligible for the Government of Rwanda loan schemes duly filled student’s referee undertaking forms with the Bank.
  • A student referee is either a parent, a guardian, close relative, or an institution that accepts the responsibility to provide information about the student loan receipt whenever so required by BRD for ease of student loan recovery.
  • Where a student has less than 21 years of age, their Student Referee shall sign on their behalf to consent to the contents of the student loan contract. However, the responsibility to pay back the loan rests with the student.

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