Mount Kenya University (MKU) Kigali Campus  offered and approved Academic Programs

By | November 1, 2018

List of offered and approved Academic Programs Mount Kenya University (MKU)

Mount Kenya University (MKU) is a fully fledged chartered university committed to a broad-based, wholistic and inclusive system of education. It has an overall goal of promoting human resource development for society’s progressive good. The university has adopted several international best practices in its core functions, which has enabled its students and faculty win awards, thus stamping its authority as a centre of excellence.

The following is a list of programs offered at the Mount Kenya University (MKU)

– Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology
– Diploma in Journalism and Mass Media
– Diploma in Education in Early Childhood Studies
– Bachelor of Arts in Mass Media and Communication
– Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration
– Bachelor of Business Information Communication and Technology
– Bachelor of Business Management
– Bachelor of Commerce
– Bachelor of Development Studies
– Bachelor of Education (Art)
– Bachelor of Education (Science)
– Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Studies
– Bachelor of Science Environmental Sciences
– Bachelor of Information Sciences
– Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Sciences
– Bachelor of Science in Nursing
– Bachelor of Arts in Mass Media and Communication
– Bachelor of Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution
– Bachelor of Economics
– Bachelor of Science in Travel and Tourism Management
– Bachelor of Counseling Psychology
– Bachelor of Dental Medicine / Technology
– Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management
– Bachelor of Social Work and Administration
– Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
– Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics
– Bachelor Degree of Upgrading Nursing
– Bachelor Degree in Pharmacy
– Bachelor Degree in Medical Laboratory Sciences
– Bachelor Degree in Public health
– Master Degree in Public health
– Master of Business Administration
– International Executive Masters of Business Administration
– Master in International Relations and Diplomacy
– Master of Public Administration and Management
– Master of Journalism and Mass Media Studies
– Master of Governance and Ethics
– Master of Education
– Master of International Studies
– Master of Information Sciences
– Master of Arts Counseling Psychology
– Master of Education Psychology
– Master of Arts Economics
– Master in Development Studies

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