Christian University of Rwanda (CHUR) Fees Structure

by Udahiliportal

Christian University of Rwanda (CHUR) Fees Structure – Christian University of Rwanda (CHUR) tuition Fees – Christian University of Rwanda (CHUR) bank account

Tuition Fees

Application Fees : 5,000 Frw
Registration fees :25,000 Frw
Student ID Card:4,000 Frw
Insurance against accident :2,500 Frw
Student Library Card 1,000 Frw
Caution fees 30,000 Frw
Tuition fees in all Faculties : 400,000 Frw

CHUR Account Number:

I&M Bank: 00010-5044731-01-41
Equity Bank: 4002200480497
COGEBANQUE: 23-01390146734-79

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