Financial Management Consultant Job Opportunity at CVPeople Tanzania

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Financial Management Consultant Job Opportunity at CVPeople Tanzania

CVPeople Tanzania | Full time

Financial Management Consultant

Job Description

This is a remote position.

Overall Summary:

Identification of consultancy and support needs of members networks/ partner/grantees regarding financial issues which are related to funding requirements


  • Support in the further development of appropriate financial management systems and internal control systems (ICS), including an appropriate cost sharing policy
  • Support in meeting funding requirements in financial/budget planning, monitoring income and expenditure trends and preparing financial reports
  • Support in implementing specific changes in the partner organization and/or the project required to meet the funding requirements of the Client
  • Supporting the identification of possible further consultancy needs that go beyond
    selective changes
  • Support in selecting and commissioning auditors related to funding by the Client
  • Support in the preparation of audits of the Client’s partner organizations
  • Support with follow-up of audits, in particular by evaluating the results of the audit report and the management letter as well as identifying and, if necessary, implementing consequences/recommendations resulting from the audit report
  • Specialist support for the dialogue between the Client and the partner organization on the above areas and other issues related to the funding requirements

Knowledge and Experience

Qualification in the field of financial management administration of donor funds, financial management software, capacity building on financial management.

1. Digital expertise

Competence in planning and implementing different digital training and consultancy formats. Ability to design and use digital formats and tools according to the needs of the target group.

2. Self-competence

Understanding of roles, self-reflection, self-awareness, unlearning, willingness to innovate.

3. Social competence

Empathy, communication skills, relationship building, ability to focus on potentials and strengths, change of perspective, adequate interaction with those being advised, gender sensitivity, adequate handling of emotions, intercultural competence. The training sessions and consultations of the partner organizations by the Contractor are held on site at the partner organizations or digitally as well as by phone and email.

How To Apply


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