Good News: Funding Opportunities for Training From Tanzania Education Authority (TEA)

by Udahiliportaldaily
Tanzania Education Authority (TEA) was established under section 5 (1) of the Education Fund Act No.8 of 2001 to manage the Education Fund. The Fund was established under the same Act with the intention of supplementing the Government’s efforts in financing education development in all levels of education in Tanzania Mainland, and financing tertiary levels of education to Tanzania Zanzibar.
Based on section 4 (3) of the Education Fund Act, the monies deposited in the Fund are used to improve Access, Equity and Quality of education in accordance with provisions of the enabling Act.
Tanzania has been facing significant challenges with regard to provision of equitable quality education to all for decades. One of the major challenges has (persistently) been the means to collect sufficient resources for improvement of quality, equity and access to Education.
In early 2000s, the Government had, among other programmes and strategies, established the Education Fund (Managed by Tanzania Education Authority -TEA) for the aim of exploring sustainable sources of revenue for improvement of Access, Equity and Quality of education countrywide.
Funding For Training From Tanzania Education Authority (TEA), 2020

To read full job descriptions and mode of application please download or view official PDF File through the link below:

Deadline: 25th September, 2020.


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