Higher Education Students' Financing Board

UGANDA | HESFB Higher Education Students’ Financing Board News & Updates 2018/19

Higher Education Students’ Financing Board

The Higher Education Students’ Financing Board (HESFB) is a body Corporate established by an Act of Parliament, number 2 of 2014, to provide both Loans and Scholarships to Ugandan Students to pursue higher Education. The 1995 constitution chapter 4. article 30 provides that all persons have a right to Education and this is expounded in the preamble to the constitution which provides for national objectives and directive principles of state policy that directs the state to take appropriate, measures to afford every Ugandan equal opportunities to attain the highest standards possible.

The objectives of the Students’ Loan Scheme are:-

  • to increase equitable access to higher education in Uganda;
  • to support highly qualified students who may not afford higher education;
  • to ensure regional balance in higher education services in Uganda;

Here you will find all the The Higher Education Students’ Financing Board (HESFB) news


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