HESLB reminds employers of their obligations to remit payments to the Higher Education Students’ Loan Board

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EMPLOYERS have been reminded of their obligations to remit payments to the Higher Education Students’ Loan Board (HESLB).
HESLB Loan Recovery Assistant Director, Mr Phidelis Joseph, gave the reminder here yesterday in an inspection tour on employers who have not submitted the names of employees to the board as well as those who are not remitting the statutory deductions.
“You should not parade excuses to save employees who want to skip payments to the loan board simply because they have other loans owed to different institutions,” he said. He added that “Loan board remittance should be calculated and paid before other institutions’ loans are worked out.” Mr Joseph gave the clarification after inspecting Huruma Girls Secondary School, Matovolwa Hospital and Hijra Seminary on the first day of their seven-day loan recovery and inspection tour in Dodoma region.
At Huruma Girls Secondary School, the HESLB demands payments from six beneficiaries amounting to 83.5m/-. The school has been served with a notice since August last year, but it has remitted nothing to date.
The school academic master, Mr Archileus Kasasa, said he will pass over the message to the Headmistress who was not around so that come Friday, they will submit the names of all Diploma and Undergraduate graduates to the HESLB for verification.
“By mid next month, you must remit statutory deductions of the employees and the penalty starting September last year, failure of which, legal action will be taken against you” warned Mr Joseph.
The same Friday deadline for submission of all names was pledged by Matovolwa Hospital Medical Officer In Charge, Dr Buberwa Rwakajende, who said that knowledge is needed by employers in connection with such matters.
SOURCE ; Daily news


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