Heslb-The appeal window will be open from November 13-23 2019

by Udahiliportal

Read and follow the steps necessary to submit your appeal
1. Visit olas.heslb.go.tz and click ‘Appeal Now’
• Visit olas.heslb.go.tz and click ‘Appeal Now’

2. Sign up and log in to your account for Form IV Number
• Register and Login yourself using your Form IV Index No

3. Click and fill in all the red ‘x’ elements on the left
• Click and fill all fields with the ‘X’ appearing on the left side of the screen

4. Confirm information by clicking ‘Confirm’ for each element
• Confirm your details by clicking ‘Confirm’ button 

5. ‘Print’ the appeal form you completed on the system for signing
• Print your form and make sure it is signed

6. Upload page 3 of your signed form
• Upload page No. 3 of your signed form

7. Submit your form online and save a hard copy to archive
• Submit your form online and keep a hard copy for your reference

8. Remember, there is no appeal
fee • No fee for appeal processing

Since the analysis of applications for continuing education students (year 2, 3, 4 etc.) is ongoing, they are also allowed to apply

Provided by:

Higher Student Loan Board in
Dar es Salaam

on Wednesday, November 13, 2019

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