How to apply and register for a TSC number 2019

By | October 8, 2018

How to apply and register for a tsc number 2019

REQUIREMENTS for TSC number application and Registration:

Academic and professional certificates.

  • National identity card.
  • KRA pin.
  • GP69 Medical form.
  • Certificate of Good Conduct.
  • Entry and work permits for non-Kenyans.

Once you have these documents, scan and upload Your original copies on the TEACHERS ONLINE website. You can take clear photos using a smartphone. The photo is equally a scan copy.

  • You will also be required to deposit an application fee of Kshs.1,055 through direct or straightforward banking to TSC.
  • You can pay via M PESA. The pay bill number is provided on the portal. This mode of payment is simpler and more convenient.
  • You’ll need to take a screenshot of the MPESA message to be attached as the payment evidence during the online submission.
  • Registration attracts a response within 30 days after submitting the application form.


Applications for TSC number are declined in some cases. These are the main causes:

1. Lack of proper relevant academic and professional qualification/Missing documents

2. Bad moral conduct with former offense conflictions including sexual offense or any other offense against a learner

3. The previous record of criminal offenses that renders the applicant unfit.

4. If the applicant suffers physical or mental infinity that renders them incapable of performing the duties of a teacher.


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