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Precision Air Services Plc., is a fast growing private Tanzanian airline, which operates in partnership with Kenya Airways, with its strategies to expand its services beyond East Africa and Africa.

In order to keep our services at a higher level and maintain our brand identity, we wish to invite applications from qualified suppliers to offer the following services:

You are hereby invited to submit price quotation for production of uniforms for our cabin crew and front office staff as described in the Schedule of Requirements referred to as Appendix A

Key consideration

Fabrics and Design will be provided by Precision Air, except for male shirts and scarfs.

The price quote should be in Tanzanian Shillings.

Submission deadline shall be on or before 24th September before 14.00hrs.

Late quotation, portion of quotation, electronic quotation, and quotation not received, quotation not opened at the opening event shall not be accepted irrespective of circumstances.

Providers who want to express interest can physically collect a full tender document from procurement office at the under said address or visit or request it through

Quotation in one original copy, properly filled in and enclosed in an envelope marked as “QUOTATION FOR UNIFORM PRODUCTION DO NOT OPEN BEFORE 24th SEPTEMBER 2021″ along with all required documents referenced as Appendices B & C should be submitted to the below address:

C/o The Procurement Manager

Precision Air Services PLC, First Floor,

Diamond Plaza, Samora Ave/ Mirambo Street,

P.O. Box 70770,

Dar es Salaam.

Tel: +255 22 2191000

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