Man Visits Girlfriend’s Workplace Unannounced, Surprises Her with Playful Slap

by Udahiliportal
  • A young Nigerian man paid his lover a visit to her workplace and recorded the funny thing that transpired
  • After spotting his girlfriend where she was preparing a meal, the man walked up to her and surprised her with a slap
  • The girlfriend had a look of disbelief on her face, and many internet users gushed about how playful they are in their relationship

A man stirred hilarious reactions on social media after visiting his girlfriend at work and giving her a slap.

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Man records playful moment : The Nigerian recorded the playful moment and shared it on TikTok. The short clip started with him being in a car where he announced his intention to go see his bae at work that day.

The young man captured the moment he arrived at her workplace to when he spotted her making a meal. Soft slap from boyfriend He drew closer and hit the lady on her face, leaving her in a state of confusion.

Responding to comments on the video, he stated that the slap was long coming from him. “I was owing her that slap.”

Watch the video below:

@worldof_moose The end tho w/@Omahkichee #chaoticfleek #funny #relationship #gentility #fun #fyp #fypシ #viral #foryoupage #funny #unexpected ♬ original sound – Lyrics Africa

Social media reactions

Jesse Chuks said: “The fact that his babe has work. Unlike the lot of you.”

Alero❤️ said: “Feminist be like: Just that small slap I’m out he’s gon beat me up later.”

Enzo Moore said: “Guy u get mind oo slap girl for where hot ororo da.”

Bella sure ✅ said: “Na fight u go fight abi Na visit u really go for.” Amanda Anderson said: “She cute asf… Dignity in labor screaming over her.”

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