Mzumbe University: All selected first year diploma and certificate students 2018/19 academic year

By | September 26, 2018
Nafasi za kazi Mzumbe University


This is to inform you that, the official date for starting registration has been changed to 15th October, 2018. You will be required to report to your respective campuses and do registration from 15th to 21st October, 2018.
Registration is strictly one week. No further extension is allowed.
Please remember to come with the following during registration;
i. Your admission letter bearing your registration/applicant number
ii. Your Original Certificates for verification purpose (birth certificates, secondary certificates, foreign certificates, e.t.c). Candidates with foreign academic certificates should submit letters of translations
iii. Certified copies of the certificates listed in 2(ii) above for student’s personal file.
iv. Two copies of dully filled Medical Examination Forms (A/2)
v. Three copies of dully filled Faculty registration forms (A/3)
vi. Two copies of indicative preference of off-campus accommodation form (A/4). This is for students who will
prefer to stay off campus
vii. Three coloured and recent passport sized photos.
viii. Original Bank Pay Slip of your Tuition fees and other accompanied costs except students directs costs. Please make payments as per amounts shown in your Joining instructions.
Please check your name and selected programme in the list attached to this notice. Admission letters are accessible through your admission accounts at .




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