Mzumbe University: Registration& Orientation Date Released

By | October 17, 2019

Mzumbe University: Registration& Orientation 2019/2020



We congratulate all candidates who are selected into various undergraduate and postgraduate programmes for the year 2019/20. Please observe the following when you report for registration;

  1. Make sure you download your admission letter and joining instructions in your admission account. Login into using your username and password you created during application. In case you have forgotten username and password call these numbers +255786-570859 and +255755036281. Check in the list of selected candidates to identify your admitted application number in case you opened more than one admission account.
  2. Get your payment control number in the same admission account where you downloaded your admission letter and joining instructions.
  3. Fill all the forms that have been attached in the joining instructions.
  4. Download registration forms that will be available at (you will use your form four index number in this format S1111/0000/2000 and your surname in small letters to login). In case you encounter any problem, consult admission office in your respective campus.
  5. Make sure that you have your original birth and academic certificates for verification and you have photocopied those certificates. All photocopies of certificates must be certified by an advocate or magistrate. The costs of certifying those certificates will be paid by the student himself/herself. You are advised to certify these documents before arriving at Mzumbe University to avoid any inconvenience. In case you fail to do so, you will be shown places where you can get such services at your own costs. In case your birth certificate has different name from academic certificates, come with an affidavit.
  6. Once you arrive at Mzumbe University, report at finance department with your receipts of Tuition fees and incidental costs payments (you will be directed to this place).
  7. After confirmation of payments, proceed to Schools/Faculty/Department registration desks for verification of your academic certificates and opening of students’ admission files.
  8. Make sure that your registration forms are signed at Schools/Faculty/Department registration desks. When you complete this stage, proceed to accommodation desk in case you have been allocated on campus hostel.
  9. Make a follow up of the orientation timetable and attend all events in the orientation week. Please ask for any clarification when you report at the campus.

Welcome to Mzumbe University “Tujifunze kwa Maendeleo ya Watu”


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